Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall In Wisconsin

Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul
and spirit fly into the mystic
Van Morrison
It's officially fall in Wisconsin and that, of course, means the temperatures have been in the 80's all week. After playing Volleyball a few nights in 30 degree temps last month it has been just ridiculously nice here all week. Outdoor volleyball is winding down with just a couple weeks left, one of which I will miss getting my butt kicked up north. But thankfully my fall teams have had really good seasons going undefeated on Mondays and only dropping one match on Wednesdays, which happened to coincide with my last trip north :) We held our annual once a year Badger tailgate party this past Saturday to welcome Nebraska to the Big Ten. The Badgers are awfully good this year. And although Nebraska came to town some 40,000 strong they left with a butt-kicking. And thankfully left behind some Nebraska money at the store as well.
If there is one thing I have hated my entire life it is clothes shopping. Nothing ever seems to fit right, nothing in my size ever looks good and nothing makes me look decent. Well I finally broke down and bought some new clothes. Mostly because I was concerned my khaki shorts were going to fall off but also because winter is coming and I know I will need some warmer clothes. But I couldn't pass, up these shorts. You know why.... Because they fit right, they looked good, and I thought they made me look decent :) In fact I spent more money on clothes in this past week then in a very long time.

I have had a really good run this past summer :) Fun, productive, and rewarding. New friends, lots of volleyball, great music, and some interesting travel. It sort of turned when I got back from out of town in April, signed up for Weight Watchers and then again when I joined the Fitness North family in August. I don't follow the Weight Watcher's plan, but I do get on that scale each week and I need that accountability. That was my star from the weigh-in the day before the tailgate. Now I haven't been able to get back to the -49 this week after a full day of tailgating, but I will. And I don't mind because I think finding balance in your life is really the most important way you can be happy. You absolutely have to spend sometime working hard, sacrificing a bit, and being accountable, but you also need fun times, good friends and the enjoyment of great nourishment. I haven't quite figured it all out but I'm getting closer.
This time next week I will be back in Minnesota for my second week at Fitness North. This place was so hard the first time but also so worth it. I have never worked harder. I am about 99% excited to get back up there and of course about 1% scared they are going to kick my butt even worse. But that's why I signed up and they certainly proved I can work harder than I thought and I can learn about nutrition and come home and implement what I learned. I'm also excited because I learned there will be a pretty full group this time so a few more people get to share in the adventure. They told me they have one room left for Oct. 16th through the 22nd. so feel free to grab it up and join in the fun. I can not even imagine how amazing the place will look in full fall colors. It will be peak leaf changing and if the hikes weren't spectacular enough now they are going to be unbelievably beautiful. I really feel like a part of the family here and have been so impressed with their follow up after I came home. Can't wait to see them again. They asked me to pass onto you guys a really cool opportunity if you want to undertake a big change to start your year. They are offering a special 8 week session, with daily personal training, weekly life coaching, full personalized nutritional planning and an amazing start to your 2012. This is the info on the program from them:
The program runs from 01-01-2011 to 2-25-2011. The guest will stay in the Executive Lodge in a Master suite along with a FN Staff person. Your meal and exercise plan is totally customized for you. One-on-one personal training sessions/classes Eight health and wellness coaching sessions with Kelly. Through your coaching sessions, you'll get to know you and learn about both your goals and frustrations, while we create a realistic meal plan to help you lose the weight as well as set you up for success once you leave our program. We will talk to you about specific foods and how to incorporate them into your newly found lifestyle. You are no longer on a diet – you are changing your whole life! You will be taught and get hands-on experience making healthy, gourmet meals. You'll also go to the grocery store to learn how to shop for health and weight loss. You'll spend a lot of time in the produce section as well as discussing packaged products and how to read labels.
The cost is $2,500 per week. The cost covers everything related to the program, including the following: initial assessments, luxury accommodations; healthy meals, snacks, consultations with nutrition and fitness experts weekly health and wellness coaching sessions, ongoing evaluations; and indoor and outdoor exercise programs.

Fitness North is committed to helping you transform your body safely and quickly while learning habits that will promote Health fitness over the course of your lifetime. Your final weight loss journey begins here.
I hope everyone has an amazing week. I have something really special planned for Tuesday... I get to see my girl Sara Bareilles in concert. And I get to take 3 people to their first Sara show. Fun times before packing to head north... Peace, Love and changing leaves and lives, Jim


Jumpstart said...

Wow you look great!!! Keep up the good work. I am meeting Cat in Utah the first of November for some hiking...we are just going on our own...sounds like you are having GREAT success keep it up!!!!


Deb said...

Jim you are looking awesome my friend - congratulations!!!! Can't wait to hear about your next trip to FN :)

Lori said...

Hi there! I'll be meeting you up at FitnessNorth, I'm going to be there because of you!! Look forward to meeting you.

Julie said...

Just saw a program about obesity in America and your interview---i was so inspired by you and your attitude towards personal change that I started a new fitness routine today! You're awesome--keep up the great work.

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