Friday, April 23, 2010

So I'm taking my frown to a far distant town
On an island in the blue bay.
Far away far away, I want to go far away
To a new life on a new shore line
Where the water is blue and the people are new
To another island, in another life

Ingrid Michaelson

So...really big news for the Sunshine Daydream family here in Madison. We are moving. Not very far mind you, same street, but a couple blocks closer to the university. After a dozen years in the same crumbling, cramped, overpriced, location, we have signed a lease for a newer, nicer, larger spot. More rent? yes... but twice the square footage, and not twice the rent :) Here's Jaime and her husband, Will outside the current Sunshine Daydream. Her husband brought her to town to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert for Jaime's birthday. But more about that later.

Here's the new store, currently housing some window ad's for Axe deodorant. Nothing says hippie store like beautiful chandeliers :) The building is in really nice shape. I can't imagine how great it will be to have central air for the first time, space for people to actually move around in the store, and the space to display all of our merchandise. We should be open in that spot by the middle of May, however our lease in the old spot doesn't expire until the end of summer. So there will be two Sunshine Daydreams this summer for a few months. Feel free to come visit and please bring your charge cards. The new store is next to a restaurant called Mediterranean Cafe which has my employees ecstatic, and closer to Five Guys, BW3, State St. Brats, and a handful of taverns which has me considering buying a muzzle to wear.

Volleyball is in half swing. I am signed up to play 6 nights a week. Great idea, lots of fun and exercise, and pretty much guaranteed to break my body down. I only played 3 days last week as some leagues haven't started yet, and Thursday morning I woke up sore in so many spots. My finger, I hurt playing basketball in Utah, hasn't healed and still bugs me. My wedding ring wont fit over the knuckle on that hand. My competitive streak has me diving in the sand a dozen times a night, and my hip and right ass cheek take the brunt of those landings. They were happy to remind me that I am not 21 anymore the next morning. Sorry about the minor bitching, and the truth is I don't care how sore I am, I love it.
I joined weight watchers when I got back in town 3 lbs heavier then when I left the ridge. I blame the scale, must be different than the one at the ridge. I join for one reason only, so that once a week or so I have to stand on the scale in front of some lady whom I don't know, who doesn't really care about me, and hope for a good number. Why I am I so scared of disappointing this lady? My mind clearly works in mysterious ways. But I had a good weigh in my first week.
Speaking of weight loss CNBC has a special coming up on that you guys maybe interested in:

A CNBC original, ONE NATION, OVERWEIGHT will premiere on Tuesday, May 18th at 10PM and 1AM ET
Published: Friday, 16 Apr 2010 1:37 PM ET Text Size By: Jennifer Dauble
The documentary will repeat on the following dates:

Friday, 5/21 at 10PM ET

Saturday, 5/22 at 7PM ET

Sunday, 5/23 at 10PM ET

It is a fight without end, a battle often to the death, and one we are apparently losing. It is the American struggle with obesity, one that costs the nation $147 billion, and an untold number of lives, every year.

In the next CNBC original, correspondent Scott Wapner looks at the costs and casualties of obesity. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese, despite a $60 billion dollar array of products, services, diets and foods designed to help lose weight. CNBC goes to the front lines where the battle against fat is being fought, including a cutting-edge pharmaceutical company hoping to develop an obesity drug that could, if successful, be a financial and cultural blockbuster. We see businesses both large and small that are investing in their employees’ weight loss. We meet a retired Navy vet who is among a growing number of overweight patients choosing the seemingly desperate option of having their stomachs surgically restricted. We also get an intimate look at a weight loss boot camp called The Biggest Loser Resort, an enterprise that is helping some lose pounds, and others make money.

See where the waistline meets the bottom line in this fascinating and sober look at a problem that affects most American people and every American pocketbook.
I was told by the producer this week that the spot about the Ridge and I will be 8-9 minutes long during the broadcast. Good thing they took 20+ hours of footage of me. Also dropped the nugget that I do indeed have some topless film time on the pool deck, but alas no naked changing scenes.

So let's wrap up this blog with the fun night at the Ingrid Michaelson show. She played at the Potowotomi casino in Milwaukee. A much different atmosphere with tables touching the stage instead of dancing teens as the show was restricted to 21 and up. The road manager for Ingrid was nice enough to reserve us a table right in the middle and close to the stage. She did a full show, joked about the eating too much at the buffet, and seemed genuinely happy that this was the last show before a well deserved break. Although not that long a break. Hopefully made a few more ridgers happy as Cherise, Stephanie and Gretchen will all be attending the show at the Toledo Zoo Ampitheater next month, and Ingrid is happily putting us on the guest list for that show.

The birthday girl backstage with Ingrid.

So why am I so enchanted with the amorous red head who sings 'The way I am." First off she tells us that she thinks of my store every night as our sticker is on her piano, but then she looks at me and says, "your face is so much thinner then when I saw you last, you have lost a ton of weight." The girl has seen me one time before in my life and that was last October. So we talk for 5 minutes about what I am doing and the whole amazing concept of eat less, exercise more and my stays at the Ridge. So a very cool night, a really excellent week, and just the beginning of what will be a fabulous summer. Peace, Everbody wants to Love, Jim

Friday, April 16, 2010

Summer Goals

A sea couldn't wash away
The happiness I've come to find since love
Has taught me how to break
Break these chains that hold me back

Noisy streets and the sleepy bars
And the neon signs and the rusty cars
How many nights have I wondered how
One goes through life without seeing the beauty of love
Whooa, the beauty of love

Gonna live it up in this town
And dance like the song is never ending
Gonna get so high tonight
You won't be able to bring me down

And I like it
Yeah, I like it

The Dixie Chicks

Well there is no question that Jimmy is a big, huge fan of summer. All the bad things I say about winter you can take and swap because I love me some summertime. One thing I have learned over these last few years is to be able to better identify some of my problem areas and it may sound strange but winter has been a huge problem area for me. I think I have put on weight and been more sedentary from Thanksgiving thru March, and it has been a huge component of my weight gain. So, I for one, am extremely happy that spring has sprung and it already feels like summer here in Madison, maybe not when it snowed last week but no complaints as days in the 70's and high 60's have been the norm most of my first week back.

So lets start with some of my summer goals. Well no surprise with the first goal. Play as much damn volleyball as I can. I played 4 nights last summer and loved every minute of it. This summer I am on 6 teams playing every night except Saturday. We play coed 6's which is 3 boys and 3 girls on a side. Some nights more competitive than others. Sunday, this year, is reserved for fun with some beginner friends who want to play. Hopefully I can ratchet down the competitive gene in me that tends to cloud my temperament but no promises. Ok, I promise not to be a jerky pants on Sunday, but every other night I'm in it to win. I have stressed this so many times before but let me reiterate. Find something you enjoy, something you can commit to doing, something that gets you out of the house. It doesn't really have to even be exercise oriented. Interact with people, have fun, make friends, and live life. Everything else about you will benefit from it.

Goal #2 Buy some damn clothes that fit me better. I know some of you are tired of seeing me in baggy shirts. I have put it off long enough and will update the wardrobe. It is like saying goodbye to some old friends and truth be told I didn't spend much of my life in loose fitting clothes so it is fun to put on clothes I used to squeeze into and have them hang. But I do know that I look better and fitter when I wear clothes that fit me. I tend to go back to pictures that I think I look good in and most of them have me wearing clothes that are smaller. So this summer some new clothes.

Goal #3 Do another triathlon. I need to keep the morning part of my workouts going and focused. So I am signing up to do the Capitol View Sprint Triathlon on June 13th. A little different than my first foray into tri-dom in that the swim is in a lake, the bike ride two miles longer and the run on paths thru a state park. Also different is there will thankfully be no cameras following me around. I have talked two friends into signing up with me and both will kick my ass for fun but, you know me, always looking to drag along my friends because in retrospect the thing I most enjoyed about the last race was sharing the joy and the satisfaction of completing the race with my other competitors. Therefore this is an open invitation to anyone who wants to come compete with me. So to help with this triathlon I bought a bike. The Cannondale Quick 6 Jumbo. The jumbo referring to the size of the frame not the size of the dude riding it. $400 plus some add ons like the water bottle holder, new bigger pedals, and after learning the hard way, a wider, cushier, saddle or seat if you prefer. And special thanks to my wife who decided it would make a nice anniversary gift for me and pulled out the cash at purchase time to pay for it. Will ease the pain a bit of her being in Hawai'i next week for our actual anniversary.

I have some other fitness goals as well. Stay away from Capriotti's which just opened in Madison and makes the best damn subs you have ever tasted. Capriotti's has the ability to wreck me like no other place around. I always looked forward to stopping in on my trips to Vegas, in fact, booked a room at Aliante once just cause they have one in their casino about 25 yards from the sportsbook. Sweet memories indeed. I never imagined they would open here, and just for fun opened about a 1/4 mile from the pool/gym I work out in. Have failed on that goal so far but haven't had to fax them a picture of myself yet with a request for them to hang it and not sell to me. If they had been here 3 years ago Richard Simmons and a bulldozer would have been knocking on my side wall. I want to become proficient on the bike. Easy enough ride the bike a lot more. I want to become more proficient on the ground. Easy enough run more, but I am still limping around sometimes and I swear I trace it back to a crazy bad step on slots canyon hike. It doesn't bother me when I am actually doing something but it takes it awhile to warm up. I want to beat my time when I go back to St George for the November triathlon. I want to play more tennis, more basketball, and some softball. This is why I lost the weight more than health, more than looks, more than anything was so that I could compete again, so that's what I plan to do.

It wouldn't be summer if I didn't talk about concerts. I have already bought a bunch of tickets for this summer and concerts have gotten so expensive. Cant wait to hear Simon and Garfunkel do Mrs. Robinson, James Taylor and Carole King do Sweet Baby James and So Far Away, The Eagles and Dixie Chicks do Take it to Limit and Wide Open Spaces, Jack Johnson do Better Together,and Tom Petty do You Wreck Me. Really want to see my girl Sara Bareilles on one of the Lilith Fair stops although where is in question. And kick it all off this Sunday with an Ingrid Michaelson show in Milwaukee. Now that's some live music. And that doesn't include the slew of
local bands around town. I want to see Rachel Alexandra win again, want to win some more team trivia, see my ridge friends in Madison and elsewhere, and hopefully not look like an idiot on national TV (May 19th, CNBC). But most of all I want it be a fun, productive, happy, warm, awesome summer for me and all of you. Peace and Summer Lovin', Jim

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wrap it up

Wordlessly watching he waits by the window and wonders
at the empty place inside
Heartlessly helping himself to her bad dreams he worries
did he hear a good-bye or even
They are 1 person
They are too alone
They are 3 together
They are for each other

I got home Wednesday after 27 hours of driving. There was a lot of snow on the Vail summit in Colorado and, of course, Mother Nature was kind enough to welcome me back to Wisconsin with some of our own snow on Thursday. Not enough to effect too much just enough to remind me that indeed winter sucks. However, by Sunday the temperatures were in the 70's, volleyball was set to begin in 24 hours and I started to remember why I like Madison this time of the year.

So I wanted to wrap up this most recent trip to the Ridge. Let me start with the most common question I seem to get and that is quite simply how is it different since they changed the name of the place. The buildings haven't changed and construction that always seems to be looming hasn't begun yet. There is talk that it is right around the corner, but again I will believe it when it actually occurs. Is it necessary? Without a doubt. The place is at capacity for it's current conditions. I do applaud the Ridge for limiting the number of guests each week to 65 people. Not everyone would leave money on the table, and the owners at the ridge are unquestionably leaving money every week because they could jam another dozen people in and make it more crowded but they don't. The place desperately needs a community room for people to hang out in, really needs an indoor pool. The pool should really be a first stage priority because the place is unable to accommodate all the guests when the pool is not an option for a third of the people due to inclement weather.

The guests are different as well. Obviously there are more of them. With 65 people taking part in the program it is impossible to meaningfully interact with all of the campers and I swear barely a week would go by when on Thursday or Friday I wasn't saying under my breath "who the hell is that? I haven't seen them before." I want to have a positive impact on every camper and that is no longer possible. The high numbers seem to create more cliques and more bonding of the long termers. But the one weekers always number in the few dozen so they seem to have no trouble finding their niche. The guests are just as supportive and just as enthusiastic. They are without a doubt fans of the biggest loser TV show. They are bigger, they are younger, they are still 85% women. Many have maxed credit cards, quit jobs, borrowed from their families, and scraped pennies to have the opportunity to be in Utah. It's fun for me to watch these people transform both physically and more importantly emotionally. They realize they are not alone. They realize that everyone there accepts them regardless of their size. They gain confidence. They do things they never thought possible. Some of them struggle, some of them have more injuries then I can imagine, and some of them use a lot of excuses not to do the program. But I understand, I really do. The thing is that to succeed you have to allow these people to help you. It hurts at times no doubt. It's so hard to change and so easy to quit. Many of us and me especially have quit on this before, but the first day, tell them and yourself, this trip is not about quitting.

Paige and I have had discussions and disagreed about the best way to motivate people that are reluctant to get completely involved. I remember my first trip and I remember my reluctance to get out on the hike everyday. I wasn't given a choice. I cussed them under my breath and at the top of my lungs. But the thing is they didn't let me quit when I would have quit on my own. Living your life as a minimalist and doing as little as possible has become too easy for some of us and making excuses a way of life. Paige wants people to self motivate, I want her and the others to motivate the bigger guests every single day. To the point where staying behind is not an option. The program has changed, the accountability and structure light years ahead of where they were two years ago. Everything about the ridge is better. More apt to make you successful, better equipped and prepared to handle bigger people, and more motivating. I love this place and I love the people I truly do. It is why I go back, it is why I agree to be on CNBC, and it's why I have had my modicum of success. The ridge is always about the campers that will never change. Facebook and blogs have made it easier for people to know what they are getting themselves into, and also helped people develop friendships before they arrive and keep friendships going when they depart.

The Ridge has grown in the past two years by any measure. My good friend Eric Jackson has put together a fabulous team of managers. The program is harder yet more fun, structured yet more dynamic and in most ways still the same core program. You will still exercise your head off, you will still eat 1200 delicious calories and without question you and every camper will have a life changing experience.

The scales have changed as well. I still talk of my first day when I stood on a scale and had to say that machine was not made to handle me. Boy it made me feel like I was the biggest loser ever to come here because apparently the person ordering the scales never imagined Jim walking through the door. It took a little while but they eventually went to bigger scales. Finally listened to my pleading and went to digital scales. And finally went to the scale I circled in a catalog 18 months ago. All that being said. I hate the scales at the Ridge. I understand that they are there to measure success. I have seen too many people leave that room upset because that number wasn't what they hoped for. I think expectations are awfully high thanks to the producers of the Biggest Loser Show. But how do you really measure success? By the number on a machine or by the fact that you walked 4.5 miles up a hill, ran on a treadmill for the first time or at a much higher number, danced your heart off in cardio disco jam, swam more laps than you thought possible, made friends that will support you for life, learned how to make it happen at home, or even when it seemed bizarre to even speak the word at one time, completed a triathlon.

The next blog will be about summer goals. As always, seeing as much live music and playing as much volleyball will head the list. Can't wait to get back in the sand tomorrow night. But I have others, most to share, some to keep to myself. One things for sure I like riding a bike again and want do more of that, and I recently spent some time on the web looking for sprint tri's in the area. It's going to be a great summer, it was an amazing spring. New friends, new accomplishments, and naked on national TV in Utah. There's even a brand new cutie in my life and we are without a doubt better together. Just look at the picture of the new foster dog in our house Chille, fresh off ACL surgery, doing great, and smiling with me.It is going to be hard to top all that, but you guys know I will try. Peace and lots of love, Jim

Sunday, April 4, 2010

These are the times that TRI men's souls

I don't want to be the one to say goodbye
But I will, I will, I will
I don't want to sit on the pavement while you fly
But I will, I will, oh yes I will

Maybe in the future, you're gonna come back, you're gonna come back around
Maybe in the future, you're gonna come back, you're gonna come back
The only way to really know is to really let it go
Maybe you're gonna come back

Ingrid Michaelson

It was an interesting couple of days for Jimbo to say the very least. Friday started with an interview with CNBC anchor Scott Wapner and concluded with an uneasy night of sleep before undertaking my first triathlon, my first race of any kind since high school, a lot more camera time, and then saying goodbye to the ridge, my friends, and my fellow triathletes. And for the first time in my life I can say, unequivocally, that yes indeed I am a triathlete. Unbelievable to me. And certainly unbelievable as well to those people who were here in Utah two years ago when I struggled to walk more than a mile and spent most of that first walk looking for rocks and benches to place my fat ass down on.

Friday was filming day number one for the weekend. The CNBC crew flew in and brought correspondent Scott Wapner with them. Things started well when Scott took a liking to my Go Terps license plate. Seems he grew up in Olney, Md and was a big Terp fan. We talked hoops while the crew scouted out a location before settling on some lava rock in Snow Canyon Park.

We spent a good hour sitting on lava rock which is about as comfortable as sitting on a porcupine. It was a rehash of many of my earlier questions. How I gained so much weight, how I felt after losing a good sized person, what motivates me, how society is dealing with obesity, whether fat is a dirty word, do I feel like an inspiration, how was my support at home and at the ridge, how I planned to move forward, what made me choose the ridge, was the program too much, is that much exercise healthy, what were my expectations for the triathlon and finally what I thought of the name Biggest Loser and the show itself.

You're going to have to tune in to the broadcast which is scheduled to air on CNBC May 19th. But I will give you a little taste and if you can't wait you can ask me and I'll answer any of them for you in the comments. I said that I didn't mind the name Biggest Loser I thought it was a cute double entendre and followed up his next question of whether I felt like a loser with I certainly did at my heaviest. Not so much now. I said that I was not a fan of the show in it's current incarnation. I liked that it showed that you could lose weight with hard work and exercise. I hate that they refuse to show how much the guests actually workout, and hate that they do so little with what the guests actually consume. I hated that when they go home we have very little idea what their exact programs were. I also hate the way the show looks for some under lying issue or someone else to blame for people putting too much food in their own mouths. I bit my tongue on the product placement that is rampant in the show.

We picked up our packets Friday night and there was quite a long line for the beginner triathlon which was exactly half of the sprint tri I was doing. All I could do was smile at the fit people in the beginner line and mutter shame under my breath :)

Saturday morning started early after a restless night of sleep and being awake at 3:30. We arrived at 6 am and got nice spots in the transition area. Here's Eric, Trevor and I setting up. Now I spent time with my coach,Tiffany, working on my transitions and it showed as I was out a full two minutes faster than both these guys on the changeover from pool to bike. I got marked up with my race number 740 on my calf and bicep.

We started lining up and almost all the ridgers were in the first 30 of the 240 or so triathletes to get in the pool. It was a staggered start as the pool could only hold around 30 swimmers at a time. I got interviewed by CNBC before the start and was really fairly calm and slightly excited to get in the pool. Put the goggles down and stripped the shirt off and awaited to be placed in a lane. Here was my fear of being filmed in my swimsuit on deck coming to life. I got sent to the far end so I ran down the deck one cameraman in tow and another filming from across the pool. Jiggling on national TV before 7 am is not my idea of a great way to start your day.

So after running 25 yards down the pool deck I got a nice start to my dive. Being in the last lane meant the bleachers were literally 3 feet from my lane. So those people in the first couple rows got the sea world splash effect when I went in the pool. I settled down and felt pretty good, got my turns and breathing down just like practice. Now I'm not sure how they count in Utah but I was told I was done before I thought I was but I wasn't arguing. I got my butt out of the pool when my lane counter was yelling 'done'

I sprinted out the door into the 40 degree morning, towel wrapped and dropped my swim suit. Tried to grab my shorts and get them on with the towel in tact but failed. Dropped the towel, bent over for the camera in all my glory and yanked up the shorts, threw on my shirt, and helmet and walked the bike to the starting line. I had to be one of the first 5 people out of the pool and felt comfortable on the bike. Not many people passing me and a truck with a cameraman hanging out in my face. Then the real bikers really started kicking in and I heard lots pf 'passing on the left' as guys that looked and dressed like Lance Armstrong went by me. Full body suits, $4000 bikes and Darth Vader's helmet must really make a difference. I was good through the first lap. Slowed in the second lap, and started feeling some pain in the last two miles. The last hill was torture, my sockless feet were numb from the cold air coming through my perforated shoes, my fingers were numb from the cold and gripping the handle bars, and the seat was sending me a serious message. I got into the bike change to the run and my legs felt like jello. It took about 10 minutes until they felt normal as I started the run. I was now a little over an hour into the race. And the faster people were finishing the race.

The run course I was very familiar with and knew to go slowly up the first hill as it flattened out after that. I began jogging and was very happy to see the turn around a couple hundred yards sooner than I had thought. As I turned to come back the first time, I then knew 100% that I was going to finish. The camera crew would jog a bit and film, drop back and wait for me. I need to say thanks to many of the other competitors who shouted out encouragement throughout the race. People were constantly yelling go 740 and slapping high fives as we crossed.

I crossed the line in 2:06 more than an hour behind the winner but in front of 3 other competitors and a few people who did not finish and a dozen who did not start. And for the record there aren't a whole lot of people out of shape that decide to try a triathlon. Most everyone on the course looked the part of a triathlete.I also figured I beat all the wusses who signed up for the beginner race. There was quite a cheering throng when I passed the finish line. I was truly touched by the outpouring I received from my friends and from total strangers and even the film crew offered their congratulations.

There was no feeling of relief but there was certainly a feeling of accomplishment when I crossed the line. I wasn't exhausted and felt more pain at the top of stop sign then in the last mile of the race. I answered some questions for the cameras and exchanged hugs and high fives with the 13 other ridge guests and staff that competed in the race. Made my way over to the refreshment table but passed on the peanut M&M's since I had a camera in tow and went for the strawberries and oranges. I may have snuck back latter for a handful of M&M's but that's our secret.

That's Linda above who was the fastest of the guests and Jen in the maroon hat who was the catalyst in getting me to sign up for the race. My favorite question I got after the race was from some lady who asked if I was on this season's show or next season's and she seemed very disappointed when I said neither.

Lisa and Bobbi and I after the race. Talk about some very happy campers. Bobbi was the most emotional of the finishers and I was so proud of her. Lisa was swift, hanging a 1:34 time on the stopwatch. She has done just a remarkable job over the last 6 weeks taking the ridge home and doing everything right. Could not be more proud of her either. She inspired me to keep getting on that bike and really helped me overcome my anxiety of having not been a bike rider for quite some time.

Jen and Alex led a group of campers that came out to cheer for us. Can't remember the last time my name was on a sign. The support at the ridge was fabulous and I was greeted by applause when I arrived at dinner that night. Made me a little teary and I can never quantify just how much I love my fellow campers.

There's the group shot of 12 of the ridge triathletes after the finish. Nothing but smiles and happy happy people. Congratulations to my fellow ridge competitors. You guys inspired, and pressed me to do my best. I am so proud to be a part of this group. So proud in fact that I plan to come back and do this race again, November 13th. And this is an open invitation to all of you to join me. don't forget to get the dvr ready for the May 19th show which I have no idea what they are calling it. But I will let you know exactly what time it is on. Have a great week, I am on the road home. Can't wait. Peace, Love, and swim,bike and run, Jim the triathlete.

Friday, April 2, 2010


There's always gonna be another mountain.
I'm always gonna wanna make it move.
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes you're gonna have to lose.
Ain't about how fast I get there.
Ain't about what's waitin on the other side.
It's the climb.
Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe
performed by Miley Cyrus

I am less than 24 hours away from the start of the triathlon. I am nervous, not so much about finishing, because barring crashing or getting injured I will finish (i think). I'm just nervous because I am always nervous when I try something new. Not to mention that I have somehow convinced a good dozen people to undertake this race with me, so I don't want any of them to have any problems on the course. And there is the whole CNBC issue that seems to have increased my stress level. I am scheduled for a long on-camera interview this afternoon with some CNBC anchor that I have never heard of. I guess Matt Lauer was too busy for Jimbo. They will be filming me on the course tomorrow and filming graduation as well. All I want to do is complete the race and chill on a couch (sportsbook) and watch the final four ( Go Butler, Go WVU ), but I shall continue to appease the producer in search of the perfect shot.

So how was my last week. It was good. I missed my workout partner Eric who was on a business trip to Malibu this week but who is back and ready to do the tri. I spent each morning this week concentrating on one aspect of the course. Bike then run then swim. And today none of the above. I took classes in the afternoon, however, weaned myself off the hardcore cardio and into the pool a little more each day. Worked hard on transitioning from the swim to the bike and the bike to the run. Spent extra time diving with my goggles on, getting myself out of the pool and onto the deck from my lane, and grabbing the wall and pushing off with my turns. Oh and of course so that I would be comfortable in goggles I wore them 24/7....not really.

Linda and Deb!! Linda who will be doing her 2nd tri this Saturday and who really knows how to dress. And Deb who continues to inspire me, between the two of us 190 marathons or an average of 95 each.

I didn't make out to Camelback this week but my camera did :0) Here's Lisa in the Vortex. Although we had gotten some rain the night before the bottom was mostly dry. If you are only going to do one hike make sure you do camelback, or slots, or white rocks, or Galoot, or well, all of them. Don't settle for pavement when such beauty awaits you.

A shout out to Karla who will not, under the threat of death, let me tag her pictures on facebook. She didn't say anything about the blog :) Karla lists herself as a fan of The NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Cincy Bengals. I'm all for girls being football fans, but teams are not like purses, you can only be a fan of one :)

Wish me Luck!!! A shout out to my Dad who celebrated his birthday yesterday..Happy Birthday!! And to my Mom who sent me a card that played the Miley song that was today's blog song. Lyrics sure worked. Best of Luck to all the competitors tomorrow especially all of you silly enough to listen to me. I look forward to all of you being at the finish line waiting for me. Peace and 13 miles of fun, Jim