Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clothes look good on an elephant

He say I know you, you know me
One thing I can tell you is
You got to be free

Come together, right now
Over me

The Beatles

One thing we can all pretty much agree on is Summer is the best time of year. It seems to go by in a blink of the eye and get shorter and shorter each year. I think this has been the hottest summer ever in Wisconsin since i have lived here. Lot's of days in the 90's but you will never hear me complain. If I have to change shirts mid-way through a volleyball match it just means I'm working hard. I do really love to sweat, more so when I'm doing something where I should be sweating than just sweating to Paul McCartney, which was about a 100 on the sweat scale. I can't believe summer is ending already. But I do like fall.

CNBC still seems to run my little TV appearance with some regularity. They especially seem to like to run it around the end of Biggest Loser. I hadn't watched it in over a year but I did so again recently. It brings such mixed emotions to me, I realize I have come a ways from this boating picture, but at the same time I need to do more. It also leads to the very rare but often funny encounter with someone I don't know saying something to me. It happened a few weeks ago as I was sitting at the bar following a volleyball game. You're the guy that was on TV? Maybe? Doing that marathon? It was a sprint triathlon. Oh Man that's crazy Can I buy you a shot? Sure, I'm not sure that's what CNBC had in mind for me when they filmed me but who am I to say no to a stranger buying me a shot.. That's cool you still do any of that crap? Well, I still try to stay active but no one is filming me drinking this cherry bomb :)

I wanted to share my new eating plan with you guys. The good news is I seem to be eating way more often then I am used to. You would think after 40 years of dieting, I would have tried it all but this is new to me. I have most often gone the simple route of calorie deprivation to achieve weight loss. Good in the short term, not so good in the long term. Skipping meals, not eating until noon, and doing stupid stuff like that. This new program, as supervised by my new fitness guru, Leif Anderson, is a diet based solely on Macro-Nutrients. Macro-nutrients are the basic foods that comprise our diets, divided into three groups, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. 6 smaller meals a day made up of 7 oz. of protein, 15g of fat, and one serving of natural carbs from fruits or veggies. Although leafy green veggies are mostly unlimited. It is designed to get the body to work most efficiently or as Leif says turn me into a fat-burning, muscle building machine. You're not getting any of these meals at a drive-thru that I can assure you. There is nothing processed on this plan. You do get one free meal a week on Saturday nights following your weigh-in. I like this plan and so far so good on the scale 10 days in and 10 lbs lighter.

As I mentioned previously I am heading to a new fitness camp in less than 3 weeks called Fitness North in Twin Harbors, Minnesota. I have done as much research as possible into this place and have been really surprised by the natural beauty that surrounds it. I have never been this far north before, but with average highs in the 70's for my stay and lows each night in the 50's it sounds perfect weather wise for August. And though slightly cooler in October when I plan to return I'm thinking the sight of the leaves turning will be simply breathtaking. The place hikes in a few of the many state parks that surround the area and I have seen other campers pictures from their hikes there and WOW. Who doesn't want to be standing beside a beautiful waterfall getting their picture taken? One thing I didn't see in the Utah desert was much water and here I will see it everyday. Although, with a 6 am hike each morning I'm not sure I will be awake enough to fully appreciate it :) I'm sure the second hike in the afternoon will be a little more to my liking. I am really excited to go experience a new program, meet new people, and get pushed by new trainers. I'm not exactly sure where in town this lighthouse is but I can promise you you'll get to see a picture of me there. Along with the pictures of me bent over gasping for air, sweating like a fool, working out in the pool, and climbing some crazy landscape that you have grown accustomed to seeing here.

I wanted to give a few shout outs and thank you's here for some people that have been extra nice and special to me this summer. Paul Haas has let me use his box at Arlington Park so many times and there are few places in the world Jimmy enjoys more than on the finish line at the racetrack. My really good friends and exercise challenge partners Merinda, Karen, Bernadine, Betsey,Lisa, Darlene, and Jaime have kept me inspired and accountable with exercise this summer. Without you girls I'm quite certain Richard Simmons would be knocking on my door, bulldozer in tow. My volleyball teammates have to put up with my competitive nature. My extreme douchiness when I lose and don't high five my teammates, my snarkiness to the ref, and my constant cussing of myself when I mess up. I love you guys to death and I really only want to be the best teammate I can be. And we do win a heck of a lot more than we lose so I owe you guys a huge debt and love spending so many of my nights with you. My good friend Paul Schwartz has spent countless hours with me making me laugh, trying to get me to embrace women's soccer, and extolling the virtues of today's republican recall elections. And so for you Paul, for me, and for the state of Wisconsin, its fabulous underpaid teachers, and those people with some compassion for those less privileged than most I hope the democrats grab a few seats back today. To one of my all time favorite aunts, Betsy Waterman, I need to say congratulations on the breeding of Hunter's Lodge who won at first asking and paid $21.20 in the 6th race on July 15th at Calder Racecourse. Next time give your nephew the heads up before the race would ya? :) And finally to my wife Jacky who opted not to buy every leather purse in Italy, just most of them, on her trip to Barcelona, Florence, and Rome and left me just enough to afford a trip to Fitness North...thanks for the support darling :) I hope everyone is doing well. Happy 8oth birthday to my one of my all time favorite elephants. Peace, Love, and Babar, Jim

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