Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hard to waterski on dry land.

"The summer wind, came blowin in - from across the sea

It lingered there, so warm and fair - to walk with me

All summer long, we sang a song - and strolled on golden sand

Two sweethearts, and the summer wind"

Frank Sinatra

It rained an awful lot here a couple weeks ago. I mean like Noah's Ark kinda rain flooding a lot of the Midwest. However, the Wisconsin Dells which is a huge summer tourist are in central Wisconsin has a problem with no water. One of the biggest lakes in the area, Lake Delton, overflowed its banks and cause a retaining wall to collapse, a road to wash away and finally the entire lake to empty into the Wisconsin River. We went up to look at it this week and take a few pictures.

Here is the bleachers from the dells water show that is going to have a very long summer.

Finally, the marina dry docks. The do hope to get the lake refilled by next spring. They were able to recover four guns from the lake bed so I guess there are some anxious criminals out there.

Let's get a fitness update since I think this is going to get linked to the fitness ridge blog. I am working out a lot. 5 or 6 mornings a week with my workout partner doing cardio/ circuit training/ intervals/weight lifting/ medicine ball sit ups. I would have thought the soreness that was in my body in Utah would have eased up but alas I was mistaken. I'm sore in the morning, I'm sore at night and I'm sore every time of move, other than that I'm good. Actually the only time I'm not sore is when i am actually exercising. I have been hoofing it a couple miles in the morning on the paths through my city. I have some new friends that like to follow me around. With all the rain the mosquitoes are taking over. A little OFF, a few swats and I'm on my way. However I do feel like an insect buffet line at times and a good buffet like the Bellagio not the crapfest like chuck'o'rama. Lastly still pounding out 3 nights a week of volleyball. If there is really one place I can feel the weight loss it is in the sand of the volleyball court. I move better, dive a lot, and throw a spike in every once in awhile.

I am now only a little over 8 weeks away from second trip to Utah. I am looking forward to actually being in better shape when I arrive, not having as many people with terrified looks on their face passing me in the dessert, and of course a good solid 1200 calories. Speaking of calories tonite I am going to Samba Brazilian Steakhouse in Madison with a dozen friends to celebrate my wife's birthday. These restaurants feature the happy gauchos walking around with spits of meat. I believe a couple dozen different kinds of meat. I'll let you know how many next time :) Should be fun. No booze, no potatoes so I think I start my meal at negative 500 calories right off the bat.
I hope everyone has a happy weekend. Let's go Spain in the Euro 2008 championship match. I'm seeing Steve Miller Band and Joe Cocker this weekend at Summerfest. Peace, Jim

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Cameron and Michelle said...

so good to hear you are still working out!! Can't wait to see you again. I have slowed down a ton. I am two weeks or less from having out little boy and still going to galoot and back but Cam has to run up and back to get a workout. I jog a little on the way down but have slowed down on the way up. keep up the good work