Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sheryl Crow show

"Chasing dragons with plastic swords,

Jack off Jimmy everybody wants more"

Sheryl Crow

Well it's wednesday night in Madison and Myself, my lovely wife, my workout partner Karen, and my really good friend Jenny went to see Sheryl Crow. We had amazing front row seats. She played all of her hits and even brought Madison native Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick out on stage for a rousing rendition of "I want you to want me".

A couple other little updates for you. I feel damn good on the volleyball court. My 3 teams are 6-0 monday, 8-1 wednesday, and 3-0 tuesday. I am heading to Chicago friday to see my good friend Tom Scott and the band he represents REM. Saturday I fly to DC for 48 hours I get my new 3 unit bridge in my mouth monday morning and return to Milwaukee monday afternoon in time for monday night volleyball. I had my seventh weigh in since returning from Utah this week. I have lost weight each week which is awesome for total of 26.2 lbs lost since returning and close to 90 lbs overall. I hope everyone has a great week. Peace, Jim


BobbyC said...

REM is in London in August. How about you all come over here?

mam said...

I see Jacky! And in earlier photos of the store I saw the dress you guys sent me for Lucy. How fun to see little snippets of your life like this. Glad you're blogging.

Anonymous said...

90 pounds?!? Way to go!! You are a true inspiration.

I read your blog on a regular basis to check on your progress. Fantastic!

I leave for Fitness Ridge this Sunday. I am nervous and excited. I hope to pick up some life changing skills while there. I have joined Weight Watchers to help my transition back home.

I hope to have as much success as you.

Keep up the GREAT work.