Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All we can do is keep breathing.

I woke up this morning with a funny taste in my head.

Spackled some butter over my whole grain bread.

Something tastes different, maybe it's my tongue.

Something tastes different, suddenly I'm not so young.

Ingrid Michaelson

If you have been reading, or if you have been paying attention, or if you have ever met met me you know that I am pretty much a music freak so I thought I would had out some end of the year awards for music in 2008. And my definition of 2008 is pretty broad in that if I heard the music or it got noticed for the first time this year it can make the list.

I saw a ton of shoes this year two stood out for the music and one for the experience. My favorite show of the year was Jack Johnson at Alpine Valley. I'm sure I am repeating myself but there just are not more than 5 or 6 artists alive that could draw the crowd he did playing virtually by himself. The second show was Sara Bareilles in St Louis with Marc Broussard. I have confessed my love for this girls music since this blog began and she put on a great show, paid her respects to Stevie Wonder and the Counting Crows, and got her picture taken with me. Without a doubt the coolest concert experience for me was backstage at the REM show in Chicago. Just a really fantastic, fun time seeing the inner workings of a major band at on tour.

So the music itself: Top 5 Songs of 2008

5. Time the Conqueror by Jackson Browne, It was really nice to see Jackson with a new cd and the title track is a great song about aging.

4. Die Alone by Ingrid Michaelson, more about her later.

3. Madly by Tristan Prettyman, she gave us or first stage shout out and I am returning the favor here

2. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, this really catchy tune is competing with Sara's Love Song for the song of the year grammy, I hope she wins but this is a wonderfully sweet song.

1. Boys with Girlfriends by Meiko, This tune is my favorite song of 2008, really well written, a wonderful melody and a funny well thought out message.

Album of the year 2008:

A couple of honorable mentions: The Counting Crows released a splendid album called Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings. They are consistent as hell. Jackson Browne's Time the Conqueror, Jack Johnson's Sleep through the Static, and Sheryl Crow's Detours all wove great music with some political discourse and some fun. Jason Mraz' 3rd cd We sing, We Dance, We Steal Things was consistently strong from start to finish. Hotel Cafe released a fabulous Christmas cd that was a compilation of many of the girls who toured under their

However my album of the year for 2008 is Boys and Girls by Ingrid Michaelson.

Ingrid Michaelson is a 29 year old indie pop artist from Staten Island, New York. She gained some notoriety when her song "The way I am" was used for the Old Navy sweater campaign and also saw a couple of her songs used in Grey's Anatomy. It's a sweet heartfelt cd that deals with lots of acceptance and love issues. She made it work without the support of a major label and is touring nonstop taking her music to her fans.

Last night was the Sunshine Daydream Holiday Bash and it was a really good time. A little drinking, a white elephant gift exchange with some fabulous, some funny, gifts, and being able to thank my staff for being the friendliest staff in town. I hope you are somewhere warmer than me Peace and Warmth, Jim

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