Friday, March 27, 2009

29 Forever

Yesterday's a dream
I face the mornin'
Cryin' on a breeze
The pain is callin', oh Mandy
Barry Manilow

I want to start today by giving a happy birthday shout out to the girl from the smallest state, who had a mom who thought she should name her baby after the popular Manilow tune above. She turns the big 3-0 today and gets to celebrate with us at the ridge.
Paige and I hanging out before the new addition to the program which is an Anatomy class she teaches.
Paige giving the back muscle portion of the lecture. The Ridge spares no expense when it comes to graphic art as can be seen in the background. The scale drawing of the human body was Rembrandtian if thats a word.
BLT's for lunch yesterday. I like them. Had to go in the kitchen to get a pic as I inhaled my sandwich without taking a picture
Dinner tonite was the salmon burger with corn on the cob. Exceptional. It's truly hard to describe how great this meal was. It was funny to watch people try to get the salt and pepper to stick to the cob by adding water or vinegar. I think a stick of butter could have sold for $50 easy.
Finishing up a circuit with Eric and Cameron. Not too hard to see who worked the hardest by examining the sweat. Also got in a treading class with Michelle yesterday, some weights in the afternoon, but no pool as the winds whipped unmercifully. Friday at the ridge...hiking, pool, circuit, and hip-hop dance. You guys know that last one has no Jim in it for sure. Peace and Duke heading home thanks to a lower seeded team again. It must be spring, Jim

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Kristin said...

I'm getting close to the one week countdown!

I know what you mean about the winds! Man! They would not let up yesterday! It is still blowing today.

What a way to spend your birthday! Awesome treat for yourself. Could be spent in worse places. I had my 21st in boot camp!

Looking forward to the next post! Have a great day!! Off to the gym myself.