Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sandy Tuesday

So, I will head out along and hope for the best

We can pat ourselves on the back

And say that we tried.
Rachael Yamagata

Day two: Breakfast at 7 am this morning was the muffin. I enjoyed it but there seemed to be some grumbling from most of the others Got in one of the 6 or 7 vans that was shuttling people to various hikes. I got on the van to stop sign. Did a couple miles on the path and then headed into the sand dunes to do some running up the sand hills. The sand was deep and I brought a bunch home in my shoes. I think there were at least 5 hikes offered. Fast Advanced, Advanced, Fast Intermediate, Intermediate, and 101. Plus stop sign and west canyon. We were late getting back as we had to find a stray hiker but no big thing. I missed early pool class, but got in a bunch of sit ups with the new heavier medicine ball( thx Paige).

Lunch was fabulous. Something new I had not yet tried Chili and cornbread. Now the chalkboard said 250 calories total but I am skeptical, because it was so good. Followed that with two pool classes and some hot tub time. The group is divided into 3 groups A,B, and C. I'm kind of an A- so I find the class I like and join that group for that class. C is the most advanced and they get an extra afternoon class. I am doing an extra circuit class tomorrow with Eric and Cam so I hope to get some extra afternoon pool time in.

Dinner was a baked penne pasta dish w/broccoli. Edible, but came with everyone's favorite the chocolate strawberries

Sharon looking a lot tougher than she really is. She walked the last 3.5 miles with me up the hill yesterday and I am certain it was only because of her that I made it. Hope all's well Peace, Jim

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Kristin said...

Pics are getting me excited! Can't wait to get up there!