Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

"Sometimes I wish that I could stop you from talking
when I hear the silly things that you say."
Elvis Costello

It has just been picture perfect weather this weekend here in Madison, great for the store, great for the marathoners running today, great for the people at bratfest who have consumed over 100,000 brats in the first two days, and of course, great for me :)

I had a wonderful time at the Meiko concert on Monday night. She was, as always, very grateful and appreciative of her audience and nice enough to take a picture with us. She has great taste in drummers as well, as she signed on Sara Bareilles' drummer for her tour. Now that guy has a sweet life traveling the globe with these girls and hearing their music each night. Although he joked that the tour bus for Sara beat the hell out of the tour van for Meiko.

I spent yesterday at Arlington doing my part to reinvigorate the economy by dumping my Rachel Alexandra money back into betting pools. But while the big filly was kind to me last week at the Preakness, I'm afraid that the midwest horses had me baffled. Still a fun, beautiful day in the box, even if the newcomer I dragged along had no idea what beginners luck was supposed to entail.

There's a new icon on the front page of the fitness ridge website. Look like anybody you know? Thanks to Natalie for working this up and thanks to Eric for implementing it. When I see it, I think I may be Homer Simpson's lost brother, smarter and cuter for sure but we share that food obsession gene....DOH! It's a click through from their homepage to the blog and I guess there's a chance if you're reading this you used it to find me. If so, go back to the beginning and you'll get a picture of why, and how the ridge became such a part of my life.

Here's a wrap up of last week. Ridger Richard Bath made a stop in Madison and got to watch a volleyball win Tuesday and enjoy some healthy PF Changs with us, well healthier than brats that's for sure. Speaking of volleyball a nice 4-0 week for me although we lost the second game of our match Wednesday. Mild mannered, non competitive Jim remarked to his team in between game 2 and 3 that he had "no intention of fucking losing this match" When they stopped laughing at me they proceeded to hang a 15-0 shutout on our opponent. Apparently I need to cuss at my teammates a little more often :) I love warm weather and I got out on the path this week, got into the gym, and of course out on the sand. It paid off as I dropped 3.2 lbs at my WW weigh in. Now if I can just combine a little more sensible eating, and no nights calling home for a designated driver, I just might get this figured out. I hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday weekend. Sorry Canadians reading this, you guys work hard Monday. Peace, Jim


katie said...

Love the picture of you Jim, too funny!! Can't wait to implement our new workouts!! Make us have a little muscle soreness for once this summer. YAH> kk

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog about Fitness Ridge, especially the pics of the food! I stayed last May 2008 for 2 weeks, but have a hard time remembering what we ate. I also loved seeing your political statement at the Stop Sign, and reading your advice about how to make the vacation fun. I missed out on gameplaying, etc., but it does sound like a great bonding experience.

GaeLyn (from northern Utah)