Tuesday, June 2, 2009


"Tell me do you know?
Tell me do you know?
I get so breathless, when you call my name"
Corinne Bailey Rae

Well we had a little visitor to one of our morning workouts this week. As this little rodent was hanging out between the elliptical and the window. Now seeing as I was the only man around at the time it somehow fell on me to eradicate said visitor. It's amazing how sexual equality arguments fly out the window when it comes to rodent removal. And just so we are clear I am not the type of guy who is very good at this kind of "work." We first tried to get him/her into a box but he had a little too much size for that plan. We went with the towel removal method which consisted of me standing about 8 feet away and throwing a towel at the critter. The 1st one landed about half on him which got him making strange little beeping/hissing noises which in turn got me screaming like baby. The second towel landed on him completely. I slowly crept towards the hissing pile of towels.... I know the thought of me creeping is amusing to all of you.... scooped the towels and bat in one swift motion and threw the entire pile out the window. I would say that the bat and towels were in my hand between .3 and .4 seconds. It was great to assert my food chain dominance. Not the greatest workout afterwards but lots and lots of laughs.

I saw UP this week and loved it. Easily the best animated movie of the last decade and second only to The Jungle Book, cause we all no nothing tops The Bear Necessities. Saw a little live music as well including a volleyball teammate's jazz group and a Tom Petty cover band. I'm not picking favorites but the Petty band also had a 50 person bachelorette party in attendance so the people watching and and shaking my head in bewilderment made that half of the night a little more fun, and okay, the music was slightly more to my taste. I am going to hear Jenny Lewis, who is the lead singer for a band called Rilo Kiley, on this Thursday and I know what you're thinking... "I have no idea who she or them are" But she and them are both really good indie bands and you would enjoy 'Melt Your Heart' by her or 'Silver Lining' by them. I also plan to get a new camera this week so I can get you some fresher pictures. The camera repair method was too pricey. So here's a picture of me staring longingly into my old camera

A wrap up of some other stuff. Had a nice weigh in this week meaning four out of the 5 trips to WW have been good since returning. I am thinking I need a day off this week as I have exercised in one form or another for I think 11 straight days maybe Thursday. We added a new high intensity interval workout this week that consisted of 3 minute sprints and 3 minute walks on the treadmill. We did 33 minutes Monday but should be up to 45 very soon. My volleyball teams bring me such joy and we have been kicking some ass as well. Its been weeks since we lost a match and I relish the chance to get in the sand each day and see the same faces in the same spots each night especially the setter in front of me who is there all 4 nights. I really need to give a big thanks to my friends who not only dragged me to Up but also got me out for 6 hours of pickup volleyball, sprinkled with some summer shandys, on Saturday and again on Sunday for some tennis and basketball. It's been a simply amazing year for me with new friends.

My trivia team competed Tuesday (first place) and Thursday(second place). Here are your final questions... we got them both right. 1) Walmart refused in 1996 to carry this artist's cds after they accused Walmart in the lyrics of a song of selling guns to minors? and 2) In the AFI list of greatest movie heroes this is the only actor to have two roles listed in the top ten? Best of Luck :) Hope everyone is having fun and as always Peace, Jim


Kristin said...

I would have paid to see the bat removal!

Walmart answer - Sheryl Crowe

Jim Trudeau said...

Way to go K- It was indeed Sheryl, although offspring got banned for being too loud :)

Anonymous said...

I love the thought of you "sneaking" up on the bat....I, too, would have paid to watch that play out :)