Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't forget the Motor City.

Every now and then we hear our song
We've been having fun all summer long
The Beach Boys

First off let me wish a Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, especially mine basking in the sun down in Venice, Florida. I just got back from Detroit. Have another fun filled busy week here in Madison. And now that summer has officially begun lets again declare this to be the best.summer.ever.

I think since the last time I posted I have had two weigh ins losing 3.5 the first week, and 1.1 the second bringing my total to 19lbs since returning from the ridge in April. Okay but not spectacular and if you factor in the 4 lbs I gained between Jan 1 and April 15th, closer to mediocre. But I'll take mediocre when factored in with a pile of fun and a ton of sports.

Here's a turtle someone made on the side of the volleyball court. They were kind enough to put an 'M' on his back and make him a true Maryland Terrapin for me.

Wednesday night volleyball team, and easily my most successful team so far. We haven't lost and we have won 20 of 21 games, and 7 of 7 matches. Monday night lost in the finals of double elimination tournament last week that saw us playing four of the last 5 matches of the night and me hobbling around sore as heck on Tuesday.

I made my first ever trip to Detroit this past weekend to meet up with my old teacher at Biscayne College, Andy Kreutzer. We went and saw the Brewers lose to the Tigers Saturday at Comerica Park. I know baseball is America's past time but my goodness it just bores me to death, Give me college basketball or any football for my sports viewing.

Old Tiger stadium is in the midst of being torn down. And my trip to Detroit was truly eye opening. The city is in complete disarray. It was hard for me to believe that I was still in America at times. The number of abandoned and burnt out buildings was staggering. I have never seen 40 and 50 story office buildings with broken out windows and not a tenant anywhere before. I read today that the average home price was now 18,500. Even the Smirnoff factory was boarded up and I would think that the liquor would be the last thing to dry up.

Here's my favorite picture of my trip to Detroit. This happy couple during the National Anthem. Now if you are making a concerted effort to protest bynot standing during the anthem I can understand, but come on, hang up the phone, get off your lazy ass and act like a respectable member of society. Especially if your goofy date thinks he needs to be saluting during the anthem.

This silo-like building in Ypsilanti, Michigan was voted the most phallic building in the U.S. by whomever votes on those type of things. It sits right on the entrance to Eastern Michigan University.

These are the football and basketball stadiums at The University of Michigan. I believe with the current expansion the football stadium will seat 120,000 people which is a staggering number. Ann Arbor was a really cool college town. I loved wandering through their little shopping district and knowing the the hippie store in Madison was way nicer than the one in Ann Arbor.

Ah My Nemesis!! I saw a couple movies recently and none worth recommending except UP. My favorite movie theater in an effort to make all of us just a little fatter has decided to make the popcorn "butter" self serve. Popcorn is without a doubt, one of if not, the most difficult food for me to control myself around. Now they want me to turn my popcorn into a greasy mess of floating kernels. Oh well just another reason for me to stay away from the theater.

I hope everyone is ready for a wonderful summer. Two short months until I am back up the hill. It feels like St George in Madison today as the temperatures reach the mid 90's. Rest assured you will get no complaints from me. After living through winter I will take the heat any day. All my best and lots of peace and Love, Jim


Wendy said...

Just think what will happen if Paige and Sharon see you with that popcorn and butter!!!!!

Sabine said...

It was quite a dry spell between your blogs.....I seee you had a great time and staying
on thepath" . As long as it is "downhill" it really does not matter so much how long it takes.
I had a little "uphill" over the last 6 weeks, being in class and all. But I am back "ont he wagon".
3232 cal. as I am typing...Be well, my friend

caroline said...

Not.The.Butter!!!! said...

I loved the movie 'Up' too. It made me cry. What incredible lessons about life, huh? Congrats on the losses (weight wise)You soldier on and really inspire me the way you work all this into your fun (and musical) life. I've lost some since returning from Utah. Am exercising a lot... have learned to love that. Take care and enjoy your summer.