Thursday, August 13, 2009

End of Summer

What I feel, I can't say

But my love is there for you anytime of day

But if it's not love that you need

Then I'll try my best to make everything succeed

Tell me, what is my life without your love

Tell me, who am I without you, by my side

George Harrison

Well I have a little over a week left before I get in the car and make the 26 hour drive west. I'm leaving Tuesday August 25th and start my 7 week run at Fitness Ridge on Sunday the 30th. It can't really come soon enough as I have really struggled since the first of the month. My exercise is still good, but being out so many nights between volleyball and trivia and weekend fun has just made it hard for me to keep the calorie end of the equation intact. I just need to feed myself at home much more. Wanted to say hi to Rachel who was the 4th ridger to come visit and partake in Madison. But since she is a UW grad and a UW Law grad it was more of a homecoming for her. I did make her watch a volleyball match which thankfully we won.

Speaking of volleyball we played in the Monday night championship last week. I have been involved in tons of games in my life. Most every sport you can compete in and I have never been involved in a game where I felt that winning was more improbable than Monday night. Not before the match mind you, but as the match progressed and we got spanked around and lost the 1st game 15-3. We were behind the entire second match and facing a match point when a ball we dug out of the net was sent up, but not going over the net. However, their spiker reached across the net to block and caught a piece of the net. Given a second lease on life we rallied to win game 2 16-14. Now I would love to tell you that inspired by this gift we charged to the lead and coasted to the championship. But no, we fell behind again. Trailing 14-9 we staved off 3 match points and rallied to take the lead at 15-14. With our first championship point I watched as one of our players served into the net, however the next two points went our way and we wrapped up the championship 16-14. Now granted this is just a bar league volleyball match, but damn I haven't been this happy about winning something in a very very long time.

I want to say thank you to so many people that made this the best.summer.ever. Let me start with my workout partner Karen, who pushed me on the treadmill and had to put up with me groaning through medicine ball sit-ups. She is nice enough to let me use her facility and I promise I will be back in two months to keep moving. And thanks to the great staff at Club Tavern, which was easily my second home this year as I played volleyball there 3 nights a week. Especially Matt, who had to put up with my bitching when he reffed our matches, and Maddy, Erin, and Ashley who fetched me many a shandy and had to listen to way too much Sara Bareilles on their jukebox. I want to thank Joyce who got me great Billy/Elton tickets. I want to thank my employees who made the summer at Sunshine Daydream successful and my good friend Paul who makes me laugh and has already signed on for March Madness in Vegas again. Also I need to say thanks to my wife who had to put up with me leaving sand around the house, and staying out and being out much more than at any time in our marriage, and for being understanding when I say I am leaving for two months to drag my fat ass up a Utah mountain...again.

Finally, I have to thank my teammates this summer who really have reignited a competitive spirit in me. Trivia: Jon, Sara, Allison, and the others who came out on occasion. Sunday Volleyball: Sara, Luke, Leah, Matt, and Allison. Monday Volleyball Tim, Zach, Tanya, Sara and Allison. Tuesday Volleyball: Karen, Becca, Todd, Zach and Allison. Wednesday Volleyball Tim, Tanya, Laurie, Dan, and Allison. I really need to give a special shout out to Allison who lined up next me in virtually every time I walked out into the sand. I am going to forgive her for not thinking about how her going to South Korea for a year would effect my summer of '10 volleyball teams :) She will be missed and you can see her in the pictures enjoying her going away cake and showing her amazement that I would don a PSU shirt for her at her last volleyball game.

Its now time to start packing for the trip west. I bought some new Brooks running shows today despite the completely condescending attitude of the clerk at the Madison store that is the home of the most serious long distance runners in the area. Yea, I don't look like anyone else in your store but don't treat me like I don't belong or make some comment about how these shows would help me with my "issues". I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the ridge. Looking forward to you guys kicking my ass. Looking forward to getting in the pool, treading, and sweating in the 100+ degree weather. But I'd be lying to you if I said I was looking forward to going 4.5 miles up that damn mountain every morning. :) I hope everyone enjoys their remaining summer and next time you read this I will be reporting from the new look Fitness Ridge. Peace, Love, and Safe Travels, Jim


Kristin said...

Congrats on your very successful and fun summer! Hope you are able to beat it next year!!

Have a safe trip. I'm looking forward to reading about your trip and the updates at FR.


Sarah Marie said...

Glad we were able to be a part of your best.summer.ever in Madison!! You'll do great at the Ridge even though it will be hotter than sin...... :) Perhaps we'll make it back your way for Lion King next spring.


JKD said...

No, I doesn't hurt - unless I walk, I don't feel any pain - unless I try to talk, I don't even cry - unless I open my eyes, I don't need to kick, or scream or curse, It doesn't hurt!
- Katie Thompson, 'It doesn't hurt', or as I like to call it 'Stop sign theme'

Hi Jim,

as a recent FR Alumna, I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you, because it was your blog that convinced me to go. I had the greatest time, met the greatest people and I am fitter than I have ever been after 8 weeks of walking up a mountain, just to go back down and walking up the next one. And liking it! So: Thank You!

Love, Julia

I think you need to stop following miseries lead, shine away! Isn't it time you got over how fragile you are, we're all waiting, waiting on your supernova, and you've begun to shine!
Anna Nalick, 'Shine'

Wisconsin Terp said...

Julia~ Thank you for your very kind words and I promise you will see your song quotes in the next few weeks :) Every time I get tired of writing this blog and think I am done I will read your note and keep writing ~Jim

Linda Maddock said...

Hi Jim, I'm booking my reservation at the same time as writing this. This will be my 4th time to torture myself at Fitness Ridge and told my husband I had to go when "Jim the Blogger" goes. Thought it would add some entertainment to the torture of it all. Congratulations on your success to date. I turn 50 next week and had been determined to be in the condition at 50 as I was at 40 but it looks like it will continue to be a work in progress during my 50th year. Thanks for the motivation.
Linda Maddock