Friday, August 7, 2009

wednesday night champs...again

And I wish you all the love in the world

But most of all

I wish it from myself.

And the songbirds keep singing

Like they know the score

And I love you, I love you, I love you

Like never before
-Christine McVie

Let's start with something that made me really happy. My team clinched the Wednesday night championship by beating the one team that had previously beaten us. My team played fabulously and I was just overwhelmed by our effort. Although I did hear through the grapevine that one girl on the team said she didn't have as much fun this year because it was so competitive. And the inference was that I was too competitive. What I had to say was you don't want to compete put up a net in your backyard and play with the neighbors. yea I am competitive, but to me winning is fun and the whole team would agree that she was 5 times the volleyball player she was last year cause she was pushed to be better. Anyway it felt good to win and we happily left our mark.

I spent one day last week at the Nationals Brewers game. I am a quasi-Nationals fan in that I kinda root for them. This marked my fifth time seeing the Nats and they are now 0-5 with me in attendance. I might be a jinx although I was reminded that they lose plenty of games without me in attendance. It was a fun game, we had amazing seats, and I actually enjoyed baseball for a change.

This made me day when I parked my car and got to see these bumper stickers staring back at me on a random car. That Sunshine Daydream sticker is easily 4 years old and was when I was in my Brian Wilson faze. I have sold literally 100's of those Coexist stickers as well. Add some music to your day and Coexist, hard to go wrong if you do those two things each day.

Trivia night after the Nats game. My trivia team has been slumping and mostly because I can't seem to answer a sports question correctly which is pretty much why they have me around. It's still lots of fun and I will surely miss my teammates when I am in Utah.

Speaking of Utah, I will be leaving in a little over two weeks. I have my last WW weigh-in next week and while it will be ok it's not going to be great by any stretch. But I can still say that I am in the best shape I have been in over a decade and when I started I couldn't imagine the profound effect it would have on my life. Just keep doing better. Bad weeks will happen, bad months don't ever need to happen. Speaking of the Ridge, we all know that they have been flirting with the people at Biggest Loser for awhile. It seems to me that all that flirting is about to bear fruit. It will be another change to the place we love, hopefully it moves the program forward, but one thing I can guarantee you about it. You'll be able to read all about the campers thoughts right here. It's been a quick summer, but I am still so excited. Peace Love and safe travels, jim


Sabine said...

So what's the deal abot the flirt with TBL??? I got the newsletter this week and they were implying that something big is happening....
I am just so nosy....
Talk to you soon

Kristin said...

You can't give us a teaser like that and then leave us hanging! What do you know?
I am still waiting for the pain in my knee to go away before I think about returning back to FR. I could really use another trip back!

Have a safe trip out west!


Wisconsin Terp said...

Thanks, to be honest I don't really know anything, other than what was in the newsletter and a few people from the ridge telling me to expect news and changes very soon. I'm not really in the loop, sorry.

Kristin said...

No problem. I just like to be up on the latest. I think it's great for Cameron and the rest of the FR family to be changing and growing.
I hope they are able to maintain what made FR so special when I first visited.

Sabine said...

I totally concur with Kristin,
Can't wait to hear what's going on. May be you can be our "little' spy......
As mentioned, I will only be back next June. I know Kristin will be in Europe (that's just too bad) but a "bunch" of us will be doing our next reunion.
Please keep us posted. Your faithful supporters from Phoenix and Waterloo!!!

Sarah Marie said...

Hope you have a great time at FR even though it will be hotter than hell that time of year!! Keep us posted as to what's new there.... :) I think that Josh would love to go and hike w/me this time, so maybe this coming winter / early spring we'll get back there.