Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Face it, one of these days

Without you I'm just another Dorian Gray

It's the fountain of youth

It's the meaning of life

Baby you're the best magazine advice

Liz Phair

Hi Guys.... Guess what more volleyball, lots of live music, worked out a bunch, and of course enjoying an amazing summer in Wisconsin. I played in my first ever all-day grass volleyball tournament and got my ass kicked. We started at 8am Saturday and were eliminated at about 2 that afternoon but not before being embarrassed on the turf. I think there was around 50 teams competing and most were fairly serious volleyball players and my little rag-tag team was slightly over matched. Throw in an early start, a game much different than sand because of the ability to jump off the turf, and a giant dose of wind and it was a frustrating Saturday at the Wauna-Spike tournament.

Saw Sarah Pray Friday night and a Billy Joel tribute band Saturday night. Really enjoyed both shows even though I sat and watched them both by myself. I have seen a good amount of live music this summer. I wish I had seen more but I still have Jackson Browne and Steely Dan coming up in August.

It's really hard for me to explain how much I have loved my volleyball teammates and just the experience of having something to look forward to 4 nights a week. The thing I can't stress enough is how important it is to me to have exercise again in my life that is fun. I have come to appreciate what getting on the treadmill or schlepping up the mountain does for me, but I am never going to use the word enjoy or fun in those sentences. But working up a sweat in the sand is really fun, doesn't feel like exercise until I look at my sweaty sandy clothes, and makes me want to exercise at other times because I just want to be better than I am.

Summer's is great and one day I will find myself back in the land of 12 month summers but for now I am just going to keep on appreciating the few months of pleasantry we call summer in Wisconsin. Peace, Love, and Sweat, Jim


Sarah Marie said...

Love your attitude, Jim! You're my hero :)

Anonymous said...

wow... WOW!! Look at your face in that photo of you in the hat and the headphones!! WOW! Do you see how different you look now? That is... un-beeeee-leeeeevable.
Nice work, Jim! Nice work!