Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Up the down staircase

These streets have got a rhythm
It's a funky beat
The more I learn inside the city
The more I learn in me
It's a jungle gym
Jack Johnson

Well let's start with all the good and fun stuff that happened celebrating our nation's birthday. Wendy, who spent two seperate weeks at the ridge with me came down from Minnesota to make her first visit to Madison. I dragged her to two parties, the UW memorial terrace for some music, out on the sand volleyball court for some rallies, and had my wife take her to farmer's market. Wendy picked up some cheese and cheese curds which she thankfully left in my refrigerator by mistake. It was wonderful to have another ridger in town and while I'd like to say I was refined in the company of a ridger; truth is social eating is a monster problem for me and I paid for it Monday.

I got some awesome new shoes this weekend. Awesome, except like many things you remember fondly from your youth, they actually aren't that great. They offer no support and in no way can I fathom trying to play tennis in my Tretorns. Speaking of tennis the Wimbledon final was scintillating. I found myself welling up watching Andy Roddick accept the runner's up plate. So many chances that went by the wayside for Andy but that's why Roger Federer is the greatest champion of all time.

I played a ridiculous amount of volleyball Sunday and Monday. Our regular games were cancelled so we arranged for some pick-up games. Sunday three hours and Monday night 12 games and over four hours of play mostly with the 8 people pictured here. 4 on 4 for four hours and I was a wee bit sore on Tuesday. And my toes were hurting from so much time rubbing in the sand. But it's a great way for me to get exercise and it beats the hell out of a treadmill that's for sure. And my team won the best of 13 match 7-5. :)

The downpart of all this fun was I had my second bad weigh-in since returning. Plus 2.2 lbs. I think the root of the problem was my overdosing on the Buffalo dip pictured here, and Wendy gave me a portion control lecture regarding my friend the chips. Not proud of my effort but accepting of my flaws and let's say working on them, atleast until the next time the lovely buffalo dip siren calls my name. The good thing is following Monday night's volleyball session those 2.2 were gone and eventhough I knew prior to going in to W.W. that the number wasn't going to make me happy I bucked up and made the walk of shame. Not something I have always done in the past. So we are back on the wagon this week, back in the gym sore toes and all, won volleyball last night and have our Wednesday tourney tonight. And like the Visor on my head says Life is Good (thanks Sharon). Peace, Jim

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Paige said...

The shoe bit was EXCELLENT! I haven't seen a pair of those shoes in about 25 years! Yellow even. Wow! Yes - the shoes of our youth sucked majorly - except for my white Nike's with the read swoosh. Those guys would rock even today! Cool to see Wendy with you. Maybe I can see you and Jackie one time when I return. Probably won't be until November sometime...
Take care,