Monday, July 13, 2009

It's all love, all love

when i say
you take away the most important parts of me with you
and when i've had the greyest day,
you add more grey,
that's just your way, it's true.

Happy July 13th. Let's start with volleyball this week and a happy Wednesday it was for the Sunshine Daydream team as we took down the Wednesday night championship double elimination tournament. We got past a match point against us in the winner's bracket championship and than pummeled the team that came out of the loser's bracket in the championship 15-8, 15-6. We picked up a $75 dollar gift card and I, of course, got to talk a little crap to the youngsters that were on the other end of our matches. I'd post the standings but they look a lot like the last time I posted so I will just pass. I am sure I have said this before but I never played competitive volleyball growing up and I would love to get back on the court and run 5 0n 5 basketball again which has always been my first sport love, but I feel like I am still 50 lbs. and some better health insurance away from making that happen. As for the sand it has certainly rekindled my competitive spirit that lay dormant on the couch next to me and a bag of Fritos.

Spent Saturday afternoon at a beach party/8 band concert that included the Tom Petty cover band Petty Things. Just figured I would throw this picture up of the lead singer so you guys could get a look at the Petty look-a-like. I'd like to tell you about all 8 bands, but as has been apt to happen to me this summer way, way too much summer shandy in the afternoon and only made it through 5 of the bands before wrapping it up for the day. Still a real fun time and I got to play bag toss and ping pong with people drunker than I.

Which leads me to my next picture. First off wanted to show Paige the red Nikes that she
fondly remembers from her youth, and my goofy new anklet. I strung this together and threw it on to remind myself that I need to focus on 5 things that I have either not focused on enough, focused on but come up way short in my desired effort, or sadly missed focusing on all together. I know it is gimmicky but I figured it can't hurt and I really need to remind myself more often that the big picture is more important than the little things that tend to push me off track. And that I need to be more like Sisyphus pushing his rock up the hill and less like Homer Simpson rolling down the ski slope in a giant growing snowball.

Sarah from Minnesota was the third ridger to come to town and visit. She, of course, got to see the number one tourist attraction in town. Speaking of Sunshine Daydream and visitors, I will break this really exciting store news here. Ingrid Michaelson, who is one of my favorite singer-songwriters, will be doing an in-store appearance in late October prior to her show in Madison. I know most of you may not know her name yet but she has been on all the late night talk shows, had songs on Grey's Anatomy, and is going nowhere but up. Not often we get someone who has played Leno to play Sunshine Daydream and she will in fact be our first in store concert. So if you're picking a time to visit circle October 24th cause it will be a really cool weekend in Madison. I hope everyone is having an awesome summer. I'll be at the Ridge in less than 7 weeks. Time sure flies. Peace, Jim


karen said...

So what are the 5 things? I love the idea of the reminder, but wonder if it will hurt when you do leg lifts on the weight machines.

mam said...

Wow, Jim, what a coup -- I love Ingrid Michaelson. Wish I could join you...

Jacky's friend Melissa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that pic!! Brett is too cute not to share :) And I am wearing my Sunshine Daydream shirt ONLY for doing fun, non-work things since you yelled at me for wearing it while I did payroll!! Can't wait to make a return trip.