Wednesday, October 7, 2009

United States of Tara

We will fly

Way up high

Where the cold wind blows

Or in the sun

Laughing having fun

With the people that she knows

And if the situation

Should keep us separated

You know the world won't fall apart

And you will free the beautiful bird

That's caught inside your heart


It's official, on Tuesday, I began my 126th and final day at Fitness Ridge, and began my first day at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge. It seemed the same, although the people in the Reservation office seem a bit frazzled by the new found attention the name change has brought. And sending emails saying that you want Tracey gone probably is not going to be of much assistance in that cause because the season has already been filmed and this place is a resort not the actual show. Come on people pay attention.

We had a special guest this week. Tara who was not the winner but clearly the star of season 7. She did a full day of classes on Monday and a very full day interviews on Tuesday. She was really sweet, answered everyone's questions no matter how ridiculous, and really tried hard to be just one of the campers. She is an inspiration to thousands of people and she takes that role very seriously. And she signed a green t-shirt that will be available at the Silent Auction Ingrid Michaelson weekend in Madison.

No they didn't open a Starbucks in the lobby( awesome idea 'tina) but the camera crew sure wasn't shy about drinking it by the vat load.

Renee is the marketing director, and put together the new website for the resort which is at
She was a very busy girl getting this kickoff planned and executed. She is also who you call and badger if my blog doesn't get prime placement on the new website :)
Live in Louisville, Live in Cleveland, and Boston, and LA, and Salt Lake and Vegas. City after city got the news that there is a place that you can replicate the biggest loser experience. What you may not know about that experience is that if you want to do the numbers they do on that show, you have to do the work they did as well. Tara was happy to let us know that many of those days included working out til 10 at night. You don't just pay your money and the weight goes away. You still have to come here and do the work.

Camp did go on and we scaled more heights, climbed more rocks and conquered more fears. Chuckwalla was not nearly as cool as Cmelback, but had a very cool payoff at the end. It was longer,not as hilly,and sandier than the last hike.

Our happy group with the guides Tom and Pat.

Up the side and through the hole. You may notice me looking down to see just where they will erect the memorial if the 6 inch ledge of rock I am standing on decides to give out. On to day two of Biggest Loser Resort. Peace,Love and Go Green, Jim


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

I'm curious - what were the prices one month ago. Did they raise the prices significantly after the name change?
Theresa in TN

Jim Trudeau said...

I believe the prices went up $200 per week with the price change.

Sabine said...

Yeah, that's the bummer....Prices went up....But I am going to get a free week by having guessed your weight loss right....LOL

As to Tara, she was always my favourite. I am typing all that while wathcing TBL 805.....Missed 2 weeks being in Europe and could not find reruns on line (available in Canada)