Friday, January 8, 2010

Lottery winnings

Alabama, you got
the weight on your shoulders
That's breaking your back.
Your Cadillac
has got a wheel in the ditch
And a wheel on the track
Neil Young
Just wanted to report the monster lottery winnings we will be sharing from this week's powerball tickets. $3 which works out to, I'm going to call it, 15 cents for each person. You may pick up your share of the winnings anytime you are in Madison. :)

I am flying into Tampa Sunday morning and driving to Venice Beach slightly unexpectedly to see my parents. It has been too long, nearly 15 months and I really wanted to get down there prior to heading to Utah and returning to a jam packed volleyball schedule. So the flight was ridiculously cheap..$170 round trip and I booked it. I would love to say I am excited for a couple days of Florida sunshine but like much of the rest of the country they are much colder there than they are used to. But it will be warmer than Wisconsin for sure. When I get back it will be less than two weeks until I head to Utah.

I am now seriously considering flying out west and being without a car for the first 6 weeks of my stay. I have never been there without access to a vehicle. I would like to say that I am doing this to remove temptation but the real reason is twofold, the thought of the 29 hour drive in crappy weather scares me to death and my car is just acting like crap right now and was towed into the mechanic yesterday. Anyway it will certainly remove the likelihood of me "sneaking down" to Vegas or Mesquite.

I only lost one day of working out this week to snow. I had two personal training sessions and two trips to swimwest. I was swinging a sledgehammer into a tractor tire, squatting and throwing medicine balls, of course my sit ups and running up the stairs, and treadmill time as well. Do I feel like I am closer to being able to complete the triathlon? Do I feel like I will not struggle up the stop sign? No to both of those questions. I do however feel like if I need to sledgehammer something I am better prepared for that.

I hope everyone has a great week. If you have a rooting interest left in the NFL Playoffs good luck with that, I can't really remember what that feels like. Maryland begins ACC hoops play this week. I'm not all that optimistic but the great thing about this point is I can still dream and dreams certainly do come true every once in awhile. Congrats to Alabama, for winning that ridiculous, unfair, made up title the NCAA has for football. Neil Young got it right. Peace and Sunshine, Jim


Sabine said...

OK, now that we have won all that money, I think I can expect that you deliver the profits while in the Tampa area......
You are welcome here anytime.....Depending on your flight schedule, come drop in for a few hours on your way in or out.
It's supposed to get warmer by Monday and we have this nice heated pool just waiting for you. May be you can teach me front crawl.....
Don't ask why I am still up after y race today. Going on 19 hours awake, but I am just so wired.....Good night.

Anonymous said...

Jim - rocking the sledgehammer - Nice!!!!

Tina said...

I'll be sure to collect my winnings. No car at Fitness Ridge??!! That does NOT sound like fun! Keep up the good work. Have fun in Florida, I hope you thaw out.

Kristin said...

You can keep my winnings and get yourself something nice at FR! : )

Hope you have a great visit with your family.

It sounds like your workouts and home are harder than the FR workouts. You'll be all set for those long and painful days.

Go Cards!!