Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let's Win

Oh, you're the best friend
That I ever had
I've been with you such a long time
You're my sunshine
And I want you to know
That my feelings are true
I really love you
(Ooh) Oh, you're my best friend

Happy 2010 to everyone. I thought I would share my party winning sweater vest with you. Thank you to the Bobbie Brooks for Women collection. I think I am starting to prove to you guys that there is little I won't do to win a competition, and even less I won't do for a laugh. And not only did I win the sweater competition my trivia team of Jacky, Shannon, Allison, Jake and I took down the holiday trivia challenge as well. And I had my last bit of alcohol for quite some time as I start to ratchet up the prep for the upcoming sprint triathlon.
Here's what I know so far. The swimming is not going to be an issue. I did the full swim twice last week in the pool. I need to work on my turns and I don't think they will be flip turns and I need to work on my breathing rhythm for sure as I can't get past breathing every stroke. That's all the good news.
I sat on a bike at the gym, didn't actually pedal or anything drastic like that, but realized my butt is not going to be happy with me for this little escapade. I got some treadmill work in as well and I just am not going to be able to prepare on a treadmill that much I know. So basically I will have two months to get into a reasonable biking comfort zone and try to get some semblance of a pace I can maintain for the 5K. I hoping that's not a walk :) Also was not happy getting on the scale this week as the holidays, the weather, watching all 39 episodes of Mad Men and some of all 34 bowl games has left its mark on me. December will go down as my worst month since I started this change almost two years ago. But the good news is all that is over and I am already making my packing list for Utah and through it all I was able to keep going to the gym and working out regularly. So I am still hopeful that this will be the best year ever and I still think I am going to hang a good number on my birthday.
One thing that bothers about this time of the year has to do with new people coming into the gym for the new year. What bothers me is the attitude of the regulars. I know that people love to complain about these people, but you know what, screw that, embrace them, welcome them and offer to help. So you have to wait an extra minute on a machine, or not spend as long as you would like on the treadmill. Every person in the gym had a first day, some of these people will be in your shoes next year, so let them know everyone is welcome.
Let's get to the lottery tickets that we are all going to use to not have to worry about going to the gym anymore because we will all be able to afford state of the art workout rooms in our houses and personal trainers at our beck and call. There's twenty different combinations. I will split the winnings with everyone who has left a comment on any of the last two blogs or anyone leaving one on this one prior to the drawing time on Wednesday. Best of luck to everyone, especially me because I would be a really awesome rich dude :)

I hope everyone has a great week and you wake up a little richer on Thursday, even if it's not money, just knowing that you are one day closer to where you want to be. As Always Peace, Love, and Lucky Numbers, Jim


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the PowerBall! We don't have that in my state.

I feel sorry for those people starting the gym at the new year. Some people dont treat them very nicely as you sad, and sadly some don't last very long.

Sarah Marie said...

I *love* your competitive spirit and women's sweater vest! Happy Holidays to you and yours, and I can't wait to see new pics of you at the ridge!


Becly said...

Good Luck. Hope you win.

Jessica said...

i say aim high for wearing a thong for the swim! I mean well only if your really into women's clothing....=P Here's a cheers to winning lottery numbers.....and as for the scale....Talk to nancy about her crazy behind passing out homemade cookies IN THE MIDDLE OF our spin class...I'm talking...walked around in the very middle of class and placed a cookie on every single person's seaty towel right in fron of them...and we all proceeded to eat them WHILE working out. She is an evil one. Good luck Jimmy.

karen said...

Love the sweater vest! You must wear it to keep warm on a daily basis. I am bad with sharing the workout gym with anyone but you or the pool lane. An owner needs some special treatment...but I do welcome the new people working out. Just not when they put the tv on loud and walk slower then a turtle on the treadmill, drinking a sugar sports drink.

under200lbclub said...

Thank you r all of the motivation in 2009. Wish you the best in 2010.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Sabine said...

I guess I missed the draw....
Hope you won! Busy with vistors in Florida freezing like crazy. Doing my half on Saturday and don't have a stich of warm running clothes with me.
All the best with your new goals for this wonderful New Year
I really liked your comment about the gym. I had those thoughts too, especially early January, but you are so right!!!

VAgirl said...

Awesome sweater Jim - I expect to see you wearing it the next time our paths cross at the ridge ;)