Thursday, March 24, 2011


Close your eyes and i'll close mine

Good night sleep tight

Now the sun turns out his light

Good night sleep tight

Dream sweet dreams for me

Dream sweet dreams for you.

Good night good night everybody

Everybody everywhere Good night.

The Beatles

You belong among the wildflowers

You belong somewhere close to me

Far away from your trouble and worries

You belong somewhere you feel free

You belong somewhere you feel free

Tom Petty

After spending the last 3 years of my life writing about and sharing my life I feel like now is the perfect time for me to take a creative break from blogging. It has been a wildly fun and productive run. I just need some time to push further along my journey. And I need to do that without worrying about being funny or trying to find new ways to say the same old things. So, I am going to take a break from writing. Hopefully, it will be short and I will realize I miss this form of communication. I can't promise it will be because I just dont know. I don't like that some of my friends choose to think reading my blog is communicating with me. I miss talking to those people about my life and their's. The really good news is I am very easy to keep in touch with. My email is I am active on facebook and I am happy to talk on the phone. You can email me for that :)

If you are interested in Fitness Ridge and are looking for my details about the program look in February and March 2010, October and November 2010, and February 2011.

A quick note of thanks to everyone who read any of my blogs. What started small picked up a little unexpected steam along the way. A giant thank you for laughing and riding along with me. A very special thank you to those of you that took the time to comment. I always looked to see if people thought enough of the blog to post a comment and those comments would serve as an affirmation to me that my time was appreciated.

Have a wonderful summer. I am excited as always for the warm weather. I have tickets in hand for Sara Bareilles, Jimmy Buffet, and Jackson Browne already. I am so looking forward to volleyball. And I even have a couple of 5K's lined up for April.

Peace, Love and happy travels until we meet again...... Keep Running on Empty, Jim


Sabine said...

Hi Jim,
I will surely miss reading your blog. It's always being uplifting and funny. And sometimes it made me cry, in some sort of a good way.
Be well and see you on FB!

Robin said...

You are truly very inspiring and have the most entertaining blogs around. Have fun on your hiatus of getting in touch with what matters most in your life. Will be thinking of you....

Anonymous said...

I will miss your blog posts! I know so many people have gained the confidence to make that big first step of visiting the Biggest Loser Resort because you shared your experiences here. I loved reading about your journey at home too. You were inspirational to so many without even knowning it.
I wish you well in every aspect of life and hope you find what you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

Jim - I recently found your blog after going to FR malibu in Dec. I really love it and your brutal honesty. Now that i have fallen in love with the blog I will miss it - but you must do what is best for you. Good luck with your journey and I wish you much success!


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Father Time said...

Love your writing and the blog!
Keep up the good work!