Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Ponds

Three is a magic number,
Yes it is, it's a magic number.

Schoolhouse Rock

I went on a hike today called Three Ponds. I kinda know what a pond looks like. I didn't see anything that remotely looked like a pond. I didn't see anything that even looked like a puddle. I did see a whole lot of sand, a whole lot of rocks, some hills, a few cliffs and one really cool, really tight slot cave. I went on a hike today with six first week women and myself. One first weeker lasted about 25 steps before she said, "this is not for me" There was no judgement and no discussion, she went back to the van and was returned to camp. The other 5 women and myself trod onward.

I really, really enjoy hiking with new first weekers. Especially on their first off road climbing hike. Whether they come from the big city or a small town, most have never done anything remotely like hiking the red rocks. They are scared and intimidated. I like to reassure them that all will be okay. And I figure if I can do this hike, really anyone can.

No first off road hike is without tears and this one had its share but one thing that always happens is when it is done there are a lot of smiling faces, and a lot of people saying my family would never believe that I did this.

Slot caves are not for the claustrophobic. They aren't very wide. Walking sideways I pretty much had my belly rubbing one wall and my butt the other. It was my first time in this cave and I am always really happy to find new things in Snow Canyon

I am going with a different group tomorrow on a hike I have done before and loved. The hike is Camelback. And Friday I will be for the first time ever hiking Saddle. Somewhat excited, somewhat terrified. Should be a fun two days. Sorry this blog is short but I need some rest for these next two days. Peace, Love, and Happiness, Jim


Sabine said...

While I love camelback, I really need to hear what you think about saddle. I did it twice last summer.....
I think it is the toughest hike...People say that vulcano is the "worst" but I twitsted my foot half way through and was not a 'happy camper" during that hike.
Looking forward to your blog, as usual. Keep tracking....
Greetings from the North Pole

Sabine said...