Wednesday, July 2, 2008

420 anyone?

"I can change the world

With my own two hands

Make it a better place

With my own two hands

Make it a kinder place

With my own two hands"

Ben Harper

Hi People~

So I got on the scale today and it was a good number down 4.4 pounds, 36.2 for the summer and no I weigh less than 420 thats not why it's up there :) I just wanted to share my pre-weigh in ritual with you guys. I work out hard before I get on the scale, usually wednesday mornings. This was succesful in pushing the scale the first week but now obviously I have to repeat those seriously excrutiating workouts to have confidence on the scales. So I had my last meal yesterday around four pm( one four oz. hamburger patty, one sliced tomatoe, 2 ozs. of roasted new potatoes, 20 baby carrots and a few dill pickles.) Walked a couple miles last night at 9pm, swatted a few dozen mosquitoes, had a 10:10pm volleyball match that lasted around an hour. Woke up this morning at 6:45 am, did another 2 mile hike, drove to swimwest for an hour of circuit training. I had lifted weights the day before so during the weight section of the circuit I grabbed a 10lb medicine ball and did situps. 20 sets of 25 sit-ups and one set of 20 for a grand total of 420. I may have ab's of steel they are just hiding under a stomach of jello. Got on the scale at 10 am and then, of course, raced home to eat some food :)
Happy Independance Day to everyone, enjoys some fireworks, grilling and what not. And
of course a Happy 420 to everyone in every conceivable manner. Peace, Jim

No political commentary, just a picture of the best selling sticker from June :)

A picture of the UW union terrace. It wins the award for the favorite place in the city every year. Probably because you can buy cheap beer and brats, hang out and watch different music every night, and people watch on the lake to your heart's content.

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