Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Maxwell Street Days

"So many will be the blessings and so short will the time,

I'll stay with you.

But I'll play for you, I love you yes I do.

You can say that I'm your friend,

You can see my life begin and end.

I'll always play for you. "

Seals and Crofts

Maxwell St Days was a big success for us. Thw weather forecasts were for nothing but rain all weekend and we got not a drop. We sold all sorts of stuff but just a ton of sunglasses. We had 3 outdoor booths as well as the store and all and all no complaints.

Some of my employees working hard for the money :)

Here's the mighty Sunshine Daydream volleyball team. I know we don't look like much, colorful sure, but we have kicked ass all year. And I am a different player than I have been the past few years.

I am scheduled to report to Fitness Ridge on Sunday, August 24th. I am looking forward to it. It should be a much different experience this trip without the trepidation that accompanies anything new. Very excited to meet new people and catch up with the wonderful staff there. Damn ready to attack the mountain better. I had another successful weigh in last week bu
t only -1.8 bringing the summer total to 38 lbs. It's gotten a little tougher these last couple weeks, not the exercise part I'm happy with what I am doing there, but a few old friends have snuck in briefly and I really find myself enjoying the taste of these. It's a summer beer that combines beer and lemonade. I certainly wont see any of those in Utah.

I have seen plenty of local music the last couple weeks, we are vending next week at the Madison Roots festival which feature GLove and Tristan Prettyman, which should be fun and hopefully profitable. Jacky is headed to Florida for 4 days on monday to see my parents and their new house in Venice Beach. I'll be home doing what I do, playing volleyball. Enjoy the last couple days of July. Football starts August 3rd!!!!!!! Peace and Love, Jim

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Sabine said...

Hi Jim,
Just finished reading your complete blog. Can't wait for your updates from the Ridge. I wish you nothing but great success....
I'll probably be back in the spring. Please keep writing. It's so inspiring.
Take care