Monday, July 14, 2008

mid-july in Madison

"Weve been through some things together
With trunks of memories still to come
We found things to do in stormy weather
Long may you run."
Neil Young
We are getting ready this week for our busiest weekend of the year here in Madison. It's a street festival that takes place on our street called "Maxwell Street Days" named after the famous bazaar in Chicago. We have been very fortunate to have great weather the last few years. The forecast for this weekend is dicey at best so if you're bored please do a "no rain" dance for us.
Volleyball is still going well. 1st place in two of the three leagues and second place in the other.
Speaking of volleyball, we had a little summer cookout drinking party and one sure way to tell that Jim has been drinking is you see him on a dance floor.

Same night, different bar; my good friend Alex poses with some unknown girl in the parking lot who didn't want to take the ten steps into the bar to use the bathroom.

One really cool thing I have been able to do a couple times this summer is use the box at Arlington Racetrack in western Chicago that belongs to Paul's Neighborhood Bar in Madison. I got to spend last friday and saturday enjoying the horses and even made a few dollers for my time.


BobbyC said...

I always look forward to the new posts and to have a great picture of you dancing just caps it off! You look fantastic. I can see why posting has been light, you have been busy out late at night and playing the ponies. Sounds like a great summer.

Kelly said...

Wow you look great what is the grand total?? I have not been reading lately since we moved, but just caught up. I can definately see a difference. I am jealous. You are really making it look easy. Not the work, but the determination!!!

Jim Trudeau said...

Hey Robert~ thanks for kind words. Summer is well, but I want to do Royal Ascot next year. I'll promise not to dance too much. Also many fall weekends close to Vegas if you want to come over anytime between 8-21 and 10-4.