Sunday, August 3, 2008

August and Everything After

"this life is a beautiful one

and though I seen it comin' undone

well I know most definitely

that it all works out the way its meant to be

I'm laughing now

just love love"

Tristan Prettyman

I really have no clue where the summer has gone but for me it is winding down very quickly. I leave for fitness ridge in less than two weeks. But let's make one thing very clear. It has been the "Summer of Jim." My goals were seeing a ton of live music, playing as much volleyball as possible and and continuing the workouts I had begun at Fitness Ridge. I am 3 for 3 on my goals and it is really hard for me to say which has been the most successful or the most satisfying. My 3 volleyball teams are all in first place or tied for first place on their individual nights, My weigh in last week was -6 lbs for a summer total of 43 lbs and an overall total since February of now in the triple digits, and just yesterday we vended at the Madison Roots Festival and got to see
another amazing show and got to meet an absolute sweetheart and fantastic singer songwriter Tristan Prettyman. I need to give a shout out to my new good friend and new volleyball team mate, and 4 time workout partner last week, and overall really nice person Tanya( pronounced like Tanya Tucker). She did three circuit trainings with me last week and helped me with my volleyball serves and sets, and for fun kicked my ass in darts.

Here is Jacky and my parents who recently retired to Venice Beach, Florida. Venice is on the west coast of Florida just south of Sarasota. Jacky got to visit this week but also got to partake in a 12 hour flight odyssey trying to return home on Thursday.

Here's Tristan on stage with her drummer. The Roots festival was an all day music festival in Madison. It probably had between 4 and 5,000 attendees. The line up included Tristan, Dar Williams, The John Butler Trio, and G Love and Special Sauce. Not all household names but all people that tour regularly, have played the Tonite Show and Letterman, and are well known in our store's target audience.

So after her set Tristan came out to where we were vending to say Hi and hung out and had a beer and met a few of her fans including one big dummy in a bright tie-dye and red hat.

I just thought I looked pretty good in this picture and had to throw it on here. Tristan picked up a Sunshine Daydream logo shirt and a tie-dye skirt from our booth and then went back on stage about an hour later to do an encore song with G Love wearing the skirt. And just cause she is extraordinarily cool she told the crowd that she just got this awesome skirt from her friends at Sunshine Daydream which was met with a smattering of cheers and applause.
Just a really nice thing for her to do. So you blog readers go buy a copy of or PAY to download one of her two cds. Her first cd is Twenty Three and includes the hit Love, Love, Love and her new cd is entitled Hello and has the hit Madly on it.
Again I leave for Utah in two short weeks with a slight stopover at the Las Vegas Hilton for their "Pick the Ponies" contest on the 21st to 23 rd of August. Then it's up the mountain, back in the pool and 6 more weeks of dont ask, dont tell 1200 calories a day of tofulicious goodness. Peace and happy summer, JIM


Sabine said...

Hey Jim,
I'll be cheering for you all the way.
(FR 4 weeks June 08)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim, you look awesome!! Safe travels - we look forward to Fitness Ridge Part Two on the blog.

Betsy and John