Sunday, August 31, 2008

Days off are nice, but lots of Labor on Labor day

"'Cause he looks so fine upon that hill

They tell me he was lonely, he's lonely still

Those days are gone forever

Over a long time ago, oh yeah"

Steely Dan

Monday morning in Utah and there is actually a nice breeze blowing. Stop sign went really well this morning. Actually beat some humans up to the top of the hill. Yeah they were old and all, but they were breathing and could vote so I can still consider it a victory for me. And I shaved almost 30 minutes off the time it took me to do the full stop sign last spring. In fact I was a full 6 minutes faster than it took the recent Kenyan that won the Boston Marathon to complete his race. Now his race was slightly longer but I weigh more.
Weekend Wrap up
I did something I swore I wasn't going to do on this trip. I went to the chuck-a-rama. Utah's version of the cheap ass buffet that the nutritionist swears teaches us about how to make food choices. I had already made my choice of what I would eat only to be thwarted by their recent decision not to have baked potatoes any more. Some turkey, some mashed, some salad, one hard boiled egg, 3 french fries, and 1/2 a rice krispee treat= 50
0 calories.
I swear to you I am not stepping foot in this place again.
Here is the happy group outside Chuck, we really must look ridiculous carrying our little sheets, trying to figure out our calories, and being checked out and okayed by the nutritionist. We look like we are on a field trip from some insane asylum. I guess in many ways we are.
Sunday is off day at the Ridge. No work but always the saddest day for me as I have to say goodbye to the campers that are leaving. I just hate it. The Boston Sisters had a late flight so I hung out with them, and Adriana. We got in sight seeing, a 5 mile trip to Arizona so they could all add that state to their list, watched lots of people exiting from lots of churches, wandered around at walmart, and ate lunch at Subway. Trish, in the House of Blues sweatshirt, won a free cookie at Subway which we all passed on. She passed on the beer in the picture as well but it sure made for a good picture in the lava rocks at the top of Snow canyon.
I hope everyone had a good 3 day weekend. I am heading to Vegas Friday nite to see Mr. Hard Rocking, Mr Excitement, Mr. He writes the Songs Barry Manilow. I'll be the solo straight guy on the end of the aisle singing along to Mandy. Peace, Jim


Kristin said...

What do you have against the Chuck-a-Rama? I guess since I didn't have a car, I enjoyed seeing other people. I didn't think the food was THAT bad. Maybe I was suffering from heat stroke.

BobbyC said...

Is it just me or does Jim always seem to be surrounded by women?

Jim Trudeau said...

you left out the adjective beautiful which should have been inserted between your last two words. Fitness Ridge is usually about 80% women, and my volleyball teams are 50% women, and I'm friendly to anyone nice enough to talk to me. :)

Genipher said...

Hey Jim,So it's back to the grind again? My sister may be there on your last week--too bad I'm coming after you've gone,it would have been great to see a familiar face.Your blpg is such a great read--thanks for taking the time.No new concerts of late--last one was James Taylor this summer--it's a bit barren for concerts and movies right now.Oh,try and see Tropic Thunder if you get the chance (and can go without the popcorn!)It's very rude and hilarious!!Love,Gen

Jim Trudeau said...

Tropic Thunder was brilliant at times and very funny. But not in my top 3 this year so far.

Emily said...

Your making me look bad Jim!

Lorri said...

Hey Jim! I didn't get to say goodbye, but that's okay must mean we will meet again.Stay true to yourself!