Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week two

"Talkin’ ’bout life and what it means to you,
It don’t mean nothin’ if it don’t run through
I got one thing to say, you know it’s true
You got to find some time to get this thing together.
Todd Rundgren
Well week two is just about in the books, and like just about everything else in life some weeks are amazing others mediocre. The campers week one were simply amazing, of my eight weeks I have spent here they were easily the best. This week not the same intensity, joie de vive, or playfulness but productive. It started with my fastest time up the mountain, had extra night sessions in the gym, had lots of circuits, lots of sit-ups, and for the first time in many a moon, some sprint work. And on a down note after eight weeks I have picked up my first blister :(
Here's the chicken dinner. Someone complained that I only gave it a 3.5 on my 5 point F.R. food rating scale. It is actually one of my favorite meals, however there are two mandatory deductions. If you don't stick the landing in the Olympics you lose some points. There is a mandatory .5 deduction for the tofu in the mashed purple potatoes, and a.5 deduction for the fact the chicken breast is so small it may be a Cornish hen.

Here is the fritata. The highest scorer on the F.R. food scale. Hopefully it is the Thursday morning staple from here on out.

Eric Jackson, marketing director at the Ridge hustling on the treadmill during one of our night time circuit workouts. Eric will be happy this weekend if BYU and the Chicago Bears win.

One of this weeks hikes took us by some old Indian etchings. This one in particular seemed to catch my eye. It seems to be indicating that I should bet the one horse this weekend in Vegas. I'll shall not disappoint my Indian friends.

spent a very hot late afternoon Thursday watching the local high school freshman football game. It has been 30 years since I played freshman football at Prep:( I am pretty sure I was the only one in attendance sporting a Terp shirt and a Brewers hat( thanks T)

I am off to Vegas tomorrow night for Barry and some football watching. I hope everyone has a great weekend and prepares wisely for the big day next wednesday. What's next wednesday? Lets just say there's a chance there's a candle in my wednesday tofu cake. Peace, jim


Kristin said...

Jim, is that you in the picture at the football field?!?! Holy cow! You look amazing! All your hard word is making such a difference in your appearance. Keep up the fantastic work my Fitness Ridge friend!


Cameron and Michelle said...

Jim I love the onsie! thank you soo much. I know you missed me in treading this week :) I am not sure what has been wrong with me. I have been in bed for three days now. I hope to be there monday. Keep up the good work. that breakfast looks yummy-see what happens when I'm not there-maybe I should stay away longer.