Thursday, September 11, 2008

Birthday and what not

"I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain"
I have a number of people I need to thank for making my Birthday so very special this year. We had game night last night with a rousing game of pictionary. I was on the losing team but it was still a great birthday party by Utah standards and pretty good one by Jim standards. I of course started the day hiking up to the stop sign. Spent the morning in the pool and some of the afternoon in napland. The party had some exciting drinks. Diet 7up, Diet Pepsi, and the always popular Water. No food. So here are the thank yous. To Meredith thanks for gift of the massage, same goes to Caroline and Donna. To Sharon thanks for the Beatles cd, To all the people at the ridge who signed my card, sang happy birthday to me and came out to game night thanks for your support. To Wendy thanks for the pool it. To Leigh Ann the dukie thanks for the card, and to Nancy thanks for the support and the kind greetings, and to my parents and wife thanks for boxing up and sending me some birthday cheer.
Thursday was a full day of exercise. It started with the 5:42 wake up call, the 6:30 van to the canyon, and the walk up which included sprint intervals, some climbing and some more intervals. Got the always special frittata breakfast. Swam laps with 4 other people easily an all time record for the pool. Played pool volleyball with between 6 and 13 people hitting the ball. Did an hour of pool aerobics. Had the ever popular turkey dog for lunch. I could have eaten 6. Afternoon was two hours of treading intervals. I would run around the pool and then do medicine ball sit-ups for recovery. Eric joined me in hour two. Caught a quick shower. Drove with Eric, Ronnie, and Adriana to the local football game. It was her first football game ever. Got some subway for dinner. Typed as fast as possible this blog and will be heading to sleep in 5 minutes.
I thought for fun and discussion I would rank my ten favorite musicians/groups for you. This is just personal preference not the impact on music or how others perceive their brilliance, but simply I get one cd, what am I grabbing:
10) The Carpenters
9) Neil Young/ CSNY
8) The Beatles
7) America
6) Elton John
5) Jack Johnson
4) Tom Petty
3) Chicago
2) James Taylor
1) Jackson Browne

Peace, Jim

Some weekend show pics:

Barry singing Mandy

Copa-Copacabana and a side shot of the nose which is clearly the only original piece of face Barry's got

The cast of the rat pack is back.


Kristin said...

Mandy is my favorite Barry song! I saw Barry perform here in Phoenix a few years ago. He put on a good show.

Janice said...

It was great talking to you for a few minutes. You said you were going to be at the Ridge another two weeks. I am going to focus and get more fit and lose a little more weight over the next few weeks (with you). You are an inspiration to me.