Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend in New England

"You came along just like a song
And brighten my day
Who would of believed that you where part of a dream
Now it all seems light years away
And now you know I cant smile without you"

Barry Manilow

    Sorry it has taken me forever to get this updated and I swear I have pictures of Barry and the rat pack to share with you but I am having some slight computer issues at the new house I am staying at this week.  I agreed to move off campus so that four women from Toronto could share the room that I was scheduled to be in.  No biggie and the place I am in is very nice and very close and will be housing tomorrow night's big birthday bash.

   Vegas was fun, I spent all of saturday with two other ridgers who had finished eight and two weeks.  I don't want to call it a prison break but it wasn't 1200 calories of tofuliciosness either.  The Manilow show was pleasant.  His voice is a little scratchy and he has trouble hitting some notes but he was very entertaining and played at least a piece of every song imaginable.  I'm not a big fan of the medley but I guess with his songbook it's impossible to play it all with out some concessions.   He finished with Mandy, I Write the Songs, and Copacabana.

   Saturday night was "The Rat Pack is Back" which is a tribute show to Frank, Sammy, Dean and Joey.  The Sinatra guy was spot on and the show moved quickly through lots of hits.  I have a picture of this as well and I swear I'll put it up.  It was the 10 pm show and after countless 5:45am wake ups in a row it was hard to stay awake.

  The new week started just like the last, except this week is the biggest in Fitness Ridge history with 46 guests 41 of whom are women.  The classes are split so there are always two options but the place still feels full even more so the dining room which is packed.   I shaved a whole minute off my time going up the hill.  I jogged almost all of the first mile and a half, but struggled the last mile and a half up the steepest part of the hill.   

     Classes are virtually the same as they have been.  Food is the same as well.  I got some volleyball in the pool today thanks to Caroline, Heidi, Martha, and Adriana.  Nancy didn't play but was there in spirit.   The temperatures are still getting into the upper 90's, lower 100's but I refuse to complain as I am saving that for the winter in Madison. 'Cause snow and cold bugs me ten times more than hot weather. 

   Looking forward to the birthday bash tomorrow.  Looks like water, some diet sodas, and a big old game of pictionary.  Just what you would expect from the party mecca that is SouthernUtah.   I hope all's well in your hometowns and as always Peace and Love, Jim


Anonymous said...

happy birthday baby! -wifey

Karen Kittelson said...

Happy birthday Jim, what a great present to yourself with taking care of you!! Working out hard here in Madison and booking swim instruction day and night, life is good. Enjoy all the great food at the Ridge and take a yoga class. Karen