Thursday, September 18, 2008

8 days left

"I find it magical (hey)
I feel like I'm loving you in 1963 (hey)
Flowers in my hair (hey)
Little bitty hearts upon my cheek
Baby, you'll be on my mind 'till I kiss you next time"
Rachael Yamagata
So I have finished close to four weeks of my current 5 week stay. Jacky got on the plane this morning and is safely back home in Madison. She left losing three pounds in her 3 day stay at the ridge and and with a little more respect for what her husband has been doing for these 10 weeks in Utah. She really held her own, participated in the hikes and classes and lectures, and made some new friends. It was good to have her see what I have been living.

Here's a picture of Jacky and her hiking group after completing a very tough hike named camelbak

Thursday is of course treading day at the ridge and I spent my hour of class jogging laps around the pool. It was over 100 today and I was sweating like Sarah Palin at a Teen sex clinic but it was a damn good workout. We had the frittata again( breakfast never changes) and a turkey BLT for lunch. I was at the frosh football game again and settled for Subway for dinner.

Weekend plans call for the five people pictured here and 1 or 2 not pictured to head to Vegas. We'll be staying downtown at the Golden Nugget and have plans to see Mamma Mia Saturday night at 10 pm. There's no one in that picture that has stayed up past 10 pm in weeks but I have high hopes we can get it done.

I need to again thank the person that made it possible for me to spend this additional time at Fitness Ridge. My total weight loss is over 120 lbs and I'm going to need some new clothes that's for sure :) I'm looking forward to getting home again. I have a volleyball game next Monday the 30th of September and I plan to be home for it. The badgers have back to back home night games coming up the first weeks of October vs Ohio St and Penn St and I'm not sure there is enough beer in the state to satiate the UW students those two weekends. I hope everyone has a weekend as exciting as the one I have planned. my last trip to Vegas for a while but it feels fresh again for sure. Peace and Love, Jim


WashingtonSQDNCR said...

Congrats on that 120 pound weight loss. It is a lot of work! We were with you at FR the week of March 23rd. We're coming back for one more week sometime next spring.
Bob and Connie

BobbyC said...

Wow. Impressive. Both you and Maryland. Sorry I didn't get out there this time. I still have designs on getting to Las Vegas. Maybe we can meet out there again soon.

Kerry said...

Hey Jim! You done GREAT! I'm so darn impressed! Particularly about the gloved lady (as I referred to her in June) on the stop sign trail. I TOTALLY knew who you were talking about even before you posted the photo. She definitely knows how to give the hairy eyeball.