Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm in a Sunshine State of mind

"If you are chilly, here take my sweater.

Your head is aching, I'll make it better.

Cuz I love the way you call me baby.

And you take me the way I am."

Ingrid Michaelson

I leave tomorrow for Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday. My parents recently retired to Venice Beach, FL and my brother Jeff and his family live in Orlando. Jacky flies in Friday. On the agenda is getting outside and running again, getting outside and being in a swimming pool again, thanksgiving with my entire family(Jay and his family fly in Wednesday), and attending lots and lots of sporting events. I'm going to see South Florida vs Uconn in football Sunday evening thanks to my college roommate, and I get three days of amazing college basketball at the Old Spice Invitational in Orlando Thanksgiving weekend, and a trip to Tampa Bay Downs to see some ponies. I honestly can not remember the last time both my brothers and both my parents were all in the same room. It's not that we don't get along , we do. We have just lived in four different cities for so long, and working in retail we all have trouble being away at the busy holiday season.

I haven't really done anything to exciting this last week. It's the same as it ever was. Volleyball, morning workouts, watch sports and survivor on TV, and catch a music show. This weeks entertainer was Ingrid Michaelson who is best known for her song above which was the cornerstone of The Gap winter commercials last year. She has also had some tunes show up on TV shows most notably, Grey's Anatomy. She pulled in around 600 people for her third trip through Madison this year and played a fun energetic set. One thing about young entertainers is they just seem to be having so much fun up on stage. Some of the classic artists I see seem almost burdened having to play their hits for the zillionth time but the 20 somethings still have that spirit that makes live music cool. I forgot my camera so no pictures but I'll steal a picture of her for you guys. Apparently she loves bunnies...who knew?
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Don't forget tie-dye makes an exceptional Christmas gift. I will get some Florida pictures up as soon as possible and for my friends staying in Wisconsin. Keep the snow off my car or better yet just keep the snow far away while I'm gone. Peace, Jim


Kristin said...

Have a great trip! Enjoy the sunshine while you can.

Survivor- Aren't you loving this season? Three awesome weeks in a row!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

I totally dig that song! Jealous that you are going to be watching so much basketball. Is the tourney televised? I will watch for you.

Wisconsin Terp said...

Survivor has been excellent this year. The basketball tournament is televised. look for the GO TERPS license plate. I think ESPN 2 on thanksgiving night at 7pm for the opener against Michigan St and then you may have to check ESPNU

BobbyC said...

For good orders sake, whenever there is a powerball ticket purchased I am in. I will send my contribution in advance if need be. Been away from your blog, so I had alot of reading to do today. I went to the Karla Bonoff show at King's Dominion and I still have the scars to prove it. I am in California for Christmas and may be going to the Vegas Bowl if Cal goes. Best to the family and happy Thanksgiving.