Saturday, November 8, 2008

Powerball for you!!

"'Cause I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends
Oh I know better than that
I know better than that"
I know better
You play the victim and I'll be the bad guy"

So Jacky and I had a wonderful time at the Hotel Cafe Tour and again it was really everything that is right about music and everything that is good about young artists trying to find audiences. The five solo girls shared a 4 person back up band, came out and sang back up for each other, switched off all night long as to who was singing, played for over three hours, had a damn good time getting drunk together, and played their hearts out.

The highlights for me were Meiko (above) and Rachel Yamagata(below).

I have mentioned this before but Rachel attended Holton Arms school in Bethesda which is a sister school to my high school Georgetown Prep. We talked about our respective schools and getting back to the DC area, and of course her music. She was really sweet and just has an amazing voice. Meiko had a damn good time. I think it was her third trip to Madison this year and she commented that she always gets really drunk in Madison and she did not disappoint on that front.

They had a raffle last night for the Keep Wisconsin Warm fund. Jacky and I each bought ten tickets for $10 and we took home four of the prizes. Including a teddy bear, a $25 gift certificate, a$50 gift certificate, and a duffel bag filled with stuff. We felt kind of bad so we donated some more money but for two $21 tickets, and $20 in raffle tickets we took home $150 bucks worth of stuff and got three plus hours of live music. So because of our good fortune and good luck I bought 14 powerball tickets for tonite's jackpot. I am pledging to donate 20% of all winnings to the Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund, and in the spirit of redistributing the wealth will share with any of my blog readers who comment here an additional 20% of the winnings. You have until noon Monday to leave a comment and be eligible to share.
I had so much fun with the last video I thought I would share some video from the sound check last night. The lady who owns the bar was nice enough to let me stay inside during sound check while every one else had to wait outside. It's nice to be the owner of a store that promotes a lot shows at her bar. Meiko walks in front about half way through and screws up the picture and she wasn't even drunk yet. Peace, Jim


caroline said...

Do I get a larger share for commenting first?

Dick Paul said...

The only problem that real Republicans have with re-distro of wealth is that we are normally the givers and not the getters. So in order to get equal time, I will gladly accept my share of your powerball winnings.

Kristin said...

I'm always ready for free stuff!! Especially cash!!! Good luck.

Barb said...

Good Luck and thanks for thinking of sharing with your readers

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to get in on the powerball thing.LOL


Karen said...

Good luck on the powerball tonight! Feeling lucky ha! So tomorrow I will be in class all day, the evening I will make the time to work out, out buddy, I best be hearing how you worked out these next two days, including the volleyball. You can swim, run on the treadmill, weight train, even use one of the bikes and work out side the workout we have been doing. K

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you know that you have readers now...or just a bunch of freeloaders ;0)