Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Powerball numbers

"And Home
Sings me of sweet things
My life there has it own wings
To fly over the mountains
Though I'm standing still"
Karla Bonoff
Okay so the powerball numbers from Saturday night were not so good, but there's some good news for those people that signed on. I picked up 20 tickets for the drawing Wednesday and I will now post the numbers so you guys can play along. And again 20% of all winnings will be divided between everyone who commented on the previous post or this one before the drawing.

4-6-17-21-48 03

13-17-24-28-41 08

2-9-14-41-44 40

24-27-32-34-35 11

22-26-28-33-53 30

7-10-11-27-52 34
4-5-12-24-44 11
4-12-40-43-46 08
6-11-17-26-43 31
14-21-22-26-36 08
11-19-25-31-33 35
10-30-36-46-48 25
7-11-23-40-46 30
20-21-23-24-26 27
1-6-9-16-42 14
31-35-43-44-48 19
9-12-15-21-40 18
6-18-25-40-45 30
13-16-34-44-47 04
2-26-47-48-50 31

So before I share my thoughts on the lottery, let me explain that the last number listed in each sequence is the powerball number. The lottery and especially scratch lotto tickets and daily 3 and 4 digit number drawing numbers are such bad bets that they truly are a tax on the stupid. And the percentage of income that people invest in the lotto is highest in low income families. So while I am all for free will, and adults being able to spend their money how they see fit, I am certain that anyone that puts money into lottery will be an overall loser barring a monster lotto score. It's fine if you occasionally play for fun but if you harbor any visions of being able to profit well the math says you have no chance. The same pretty much goes for slots and casino table games but that's for another time.

We had a spirited game of Taboo Saturday night and my team of boys got handled by the team of girls at the party pretty easily. I always have fun playing party games, board games, and cards and wish I did this more often. Plus, I love hanging out with my friends and it just makes me laugh and smile whenever I get a chance to do so.

I made my way to two concerts Sunday night and they could not have been more different. I saw Karla Bonoff, who is a grammy winning singer songwriter, and Michael Franti who is a hard pumping reggae hippie musician. Karla played to about 75 people and I felt young looking around the crowd. Michael Franti played to over 1,000 people and I felt old and out of shape at that show. The show was all about non-stop dancing and jumping, a two hour Franti show would burn 2,000 calories easy. I really never have seen the type of energy that this crowd and this group of entertainers showed. The music is not really me, but I sure enjoyed being a part of that crowd.

I am excited that I will be leaving for Florida next week to spend time with my family and it will be the first time that all 5 members of my immediate family will be in the same house in over half a decade. Should be a ton of fun and I'll also get to spend some time with my old college roomie Billy McGillis who is the Asst. Ad at South Florida, and get my first look at the 2008-09 Terp basketball team as they are in a 3 day tournament at Disneyworld. So if someone checks these number and they are lucky call me and the same goes if something more likely happens like you get bit by a shark, struck by lightening, or abducted by aliens. But like they say you got to play to win. Peace, Jim


Kelly said...

Have a great time in FL!!! You should have a great time with the whole fam together!!! Take pictures and post them on your blog.

If you win, donate my portion to Breast Cancer Research.

Wisconsin Terp said...


Those who signed up will be splitting a prize pool of $7 dollars earned from this ticket

6-18-25-40-45 PB 30

Winning Numbers:

1-18-25-29-45 PB 2

Next time you see me ask me for a quarter :) Peace, jim

caroline said...

I know a country where a quarter can buy breakfast for 2..... Have a great time in relatively warm Florida!

Sabine said...

Enjoy Florida. We will be leaving this Saturday driving back to the snow (after 6 weeks I am not complaining). It's unusually cool right now but supposed to warm up towards the end of the week.