Friday, February 27, 2009

If it walks like a Lawyer....

I can't keep up with what's been going on

I think my heart must just be slowing down

Among the human beings in their designer jeans

Am I the only one who hears the screams

And the strangled cries of lawyers in love

Jackson Browne

I know it has been forever and I swear I am not ignoring you guys or gals... if you do indeed exist outside of Canada and Arizona :) I have been a little busy, a little bored, and a little anxious. But enough about me lets wrap up my wife's week in Utah.

Jacky had a fabulous time in Utah, was extraordinarily successful, went to most every class, went on a number of different hikes, kicked ass up to the stop sign twice, and was a tired puppy when she got home. But she was already begging for a return trip. She's not here right now so I'm not sure I should give your her exact numbers let's just say she lost somewhere between 6.49 and 6.51 lbs for the week, and a slew of inches.

As you can see be the picture of my lovely wife the temperature was slightly cooler in Utah in February than it was on my last trip in September. The swim class has become sort of optional with it being offered in the morning and afternoon but with a yoga or stretch class happening at the same time. My wife is the opposite of me in many ways and she did not step foot in the pool or hot tub once all week because she wanted no part of getting out of the water into 40 degree air.

She said classes were virtually the same when she was there visiting in the fall with hip-hop replacing zoomba. She missed out on a Michelle led treading class as Michelle was not around. She was really excited to do the different hikes and was so complimentary of the staff and their desire to make sure everyone was comfortable on the hikes. She said there was a return of the hiking 101 which was aimed at beginners. It had disappeared during my last stay and I believe it is a great addition to the program. They have also added Anastazi Ridge to the normal hiking program where you can see some of the most amazing old Indian carvings on the rocks there. Although, I think I see a drawing of a shopping cart pictured to the right.

Jacky got to spend some time with a number of campers who I interacted with during my stays at the Ridge including Al (pictured with her), and Pam from Mesquite. She also made a bunch of new friends, as everyone who goes to the ridge does. She also got to share the experience with her sister in law and was really proud of her effort all week. As far as the food at the Ridge she gave huge thumbs up to the parfaits, apple crisp and choc strawberries served at dinner, not so much the puddings covering grape nuts as she described it on the other nights. The salmon with cous-cous she called simply amazing. She adored the turkey burgers and I have already seen ground turkey in the fridge. She is still raving about corn bread that was served with chili. Loved the purple mashed potatoes and chicken. She was a little overwhelmed by the spice on the pizza, but said Cameron is making his own pizza crust and the long timers were raving about it.

I asked her to give me the one thing that most impressed her about Fitness Ridge and she quickly said the staff was unbelievable. They went out of their way to insure everyone was having a good time and working hard. The staff tried really hard to learn everyone's name, to help in any way necessary, and just to be friendly. I tried to pick a picture of one of the friendly staff members to accompany this paragraph but instead opted for a delusional BYU fan that Jacky hiked with to Camelback. Jacky says she is ready to go back as soon as possible. I, of course, reminded her that she could spend her next vacation on an island for the same expense so we will see how she chooses. But she did wonderful and her husband is really proud of her.

As for me.. let's start with the good news. Maryland beat North Carolina in basketball which I would never have thought possible. My volleyball team is really getting better and we are going to kick some serious butt this summer and I have already signed up for 4 0r 5 nights of volleyball this summer. I spent my first day at a criminal defense table in a courtroom in 15 years. No I wasn't the defendant. I have been doing paralegal work for a friend and wonderful criminal defense attorney. I sat second chair for a juvenile battery and robbery trial this week and spent a lot of hours doing prep work for the trial. Closing arguments are next week. We should win and the system is just as screwed up as I remember it, but more about that at some other time. I have been back doing some mall walking and haven't had any problems with my knee while playing or exercising although it stiffens up when I finish or rest. I am around ten days away from Vegas where I will see more college basketball than is imaginable. I also have a number of old friends coming into Vegas to share that. I am a little over three weeks away from spending two weeks at Fitness Ridge where I love to be.

The bad news.... Maryland lost to Duke on Wednesday when a win would have gone a very long way towards getting them into the NCAA tournament. There is still hope and they are playing much, much better. I was not offered the state job I spoke of in some recent posts. The weather has been cold and crappy these last couple weeks and we had an ice storm last night that scared me to death. I have spent way too many nights in bars recently...but mostly playing team trivia with some wonderful new friends who I simply adore. And my volleyball team while improving keeps losing.

What else is ahead? Two great concerts this weekend Bret Dennen with a dozen friends Saturday night, and Sara Bareilles with my wife monday night. Volleyball and the Terps beating Nc State on Sunday. Packing to leave for Vegas and Utah which will officially mark the end of my winter. A few more hours in a courtroom for which I get paid and actually contribute to the proceedings. A couple more nights of team trivia where I learn important things like garbology is a word and Michael J Fox won two emmys for two different characters on two different shows. We have actually won 3 out of the 7 times we have competed beating on average 15-18 teams a night. Also lots of fun, lots of time with my wife and Madison friends, and warmer weather. I hope everyone is well and Peace, Jim


Kristin said...

Thanks for the update! I figured life must have been busy without the Mrs. around.

She's ready to go back already?! Fantastic! Reading about her trip has gotten me more excited about my upcoming trip. It's right around the corner. Although, not as soon as yours!

Sabine said...

I loved you refrence to the people in Arizona and Canada.....
Makes me wonder who you are talking about.
Good luck with your case and congrats to Jacky. that is prtty amzing for jsut one week . Of course you only gave a rang eof weight loss, but I am really smart, I figured it out.....
4 1/2 weeks for me. My first time in Vegas (like 2 days) and then off to the Ridge doing Stopsign with YOU on Monday morning.
I am relaly looking forwrad to meeting you.
Talk to you soon.

Sabine said...

my apolgoy for my typng, it's a mess......Hope you can figure it out