Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside I've got the month of May.
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin' 'bout my girl

The Temptations

5 weeks down on this trip, a slightly abbreviated week this week, and a whole lot of basketball looming on the horizon. I am tired, I'm beat up and sore, and I am ready for a little break. I had to say goodbye to a big group of friends this week. There are only two people here doing the program that were here when I started and one of them chose today's blog song. Congrats to Cherise who in 7 weeks has gone through the 40 lb lost threshold and has as much as anyone I have seen here blossomed into, I wanted to say a new person, but it is really the old Cherise peaking out again. Congrats to her.

I have really started changing my focus this week to full on triathlon preparation in the mornings. I am working out this week with two of my fellow competitors. Jen, who really is the one who gets credit for me signing up for this, and Tiffany who is getting to make me faster and stronger on the course. Tiffany is going to have to wait the longest for me to finish as she is ridiculously quick on the course. I will be on the bike the next 3 mornings and in the pool 2 of the 4 mornings as well. No stop sign hike for me this week for the first time on a Monday in Utah. Can't say I am really going to miss it :) Cardio will be every afternoon this week.
Friday was a fairly light day for me as I let the finger heal up a bit. It still has some tenderness in it this morning but feels like it is on its way to recovery. Can't let it slow me down this week. Speaking of injuries I have to apologize to my good friend Eric who went and landed on my foot and turned in ankle at our Saturday morning basketball game. Hopefully not too serious, as I need my workout partner and NCAA march madness partner in peak shape for these next 4 weeks. When you get out on that court you sometimes tend to forget that you're not in college. any more. The head starts making some promises that the body just can't keep. However this was just a fluke and it was only a matter of time until my size 13's wound up under someone's landing gear.

Another really fun night of bowling Saturday night and our group is apparently not yet ready for shoe strings. I started out spare, strike, strike, spare. Had a 95 after 5 frames. The girls thought I actually knew what I was doing. That ended quickly as I limped home to a 124 and then got even worse in game 2 which mercifully was cut short due to time constraints. I did like my magic orange bowling ball. It really is about the most wholesome bowling adventure imaginable. Lots of babies, although after watching me drop the bowling ball no one thought they should hand one off to me this night.

Jerica tossing one down the lane. That might be the happiest bowler face ever. We had a group of around 30 spread out over 6 lanes. The thing about these Saturday night activities is that you really get to bond with your fellow campers. There's no pressure at all, no one cares if you can bowl or not, no one cares if you bowl or hang out. There's no temptation to run to the snack bar or the beer bar. Although, I did see one tall roundish guy in velcro shoes , singing along to Ingrid Michaelson on the jukebox and sipping from a blue cup with diet pepsi written on the side of it.
It's amazing how each week here takes on it's own personality based on the group of people that are here that week. Most of the personality comes from the stayovers and with so many multiple weekers leaving this week there really was a fun and triumphant vibe all week. It peaked with the biggest pool class I have ever seen. 40 + people in the pool on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Not many interested in paying attention and not many interested in working too hard but lots of singing along, lots of people being dunked, and people jumping in wearing clothes coming out of class. Such a wonderful time. The good times continued with the most raucous dvd viewing I have seen in my 20+ weeks. Cheering, and laughing and and shout outs followed by some tearful farewells. Congrats to my good friends who went home this week; Janet, Seth, Merinda, and Brandi. We have a new record high for campers this week as 71 people undertake this adventure. Included are Dan and his mom Jacky from Biggest Loser season 5 and the film crew they have tagging along filming a new tv pilot. Should be a fun week, especially the part of it I spend watching the Terps in Vegas, where I am confident that no one will be handing me a baby to carry around,..... a tall icy fruity drink? that's a whole different story. Peace and Love, Jim

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Anonymous said...

Almost done, congrats!!! I assume that that tall fruity icy drink will be ice tea with some lemon slices!! I texted Jacky thinking I was texting you, probably will not get out there until second week of April, when do you go back to Wisconsin? Keep posting about your training progress, you can do it, Pam R in KC (By the way noticed KU is #1 and UK #2, didn't see any turtles on that list, of course didn't seen any Cavs on it either!)