Thursday, March 11, 2010

These Shoes are made for walking

No fame no money I'm nobody
The way I'm running has sure got me down
On my knees.
Next stop, Vegas please.
Can you take me to Vegas?
Sara Bareilles
So today will be the end of my initial 6 week run at the Ridge as I head to Vegas in the morning for just a bacchanalia of college basketball and fun with friends. Can't wait for my friends to start arriving early next week. And have just a full slate of college basketball tournaments to immerse myself in. As an extra added bonus I get to see my girlfriend stretch her pretty legs this weekend. Horse of the Year, Rachel Alexandra returns to the track for a race on Saturday in New Orleans.
I'm not going to do a big wrap up of this trip as I have two more weeks beginning in 9 days. I will say that I have begun in earnest my daily tri-prep with mornings being devoted to training on the course. I don't just want to finish, I want to do well, with well being extraordinarily subjective. I will tie up a couple Ridge rumors for you guys. First off there is no scheduled "celebrity" at the Ridge next week and secondly there are big major changes coming to the hiking program here starting in April, although what those are and what will happen are still up in the air. Additionally if you are wanting to come out here just know that they are currently booked through close to Thanksgiving. Don't be afraid to put your name on the waiting list as I hear stories almost daily of people coming off that list and into a room.
Picked up my racing shoes this week thanks to Cody in the pro shop here. Not only are they extraordinarily spiffy they are really lightweight and feel like pillows on my feet. Broke them in with a new personal best on the treadmill yesterday. I can't say enough about the Brooks brand of shoes. Do yourself a favor and get some.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week. The blog will be on a week long vacation with me. It looks like nothing but sunshine here for the foreseeable future and temperatures rising as well. Spring is in the air!! Although the sleet falling on my head in the pool yesterday was a new experience. Don't forget to root for the Terps. If you're bored you know where to find me :) Peace, Jim


Cat Cee Stands for Chez said...

Enjoy your break!!

Sabine said...

Enjoy Vegas, Rachel and all the friends you are meeting up with. I hope Jacky is coming down.....
If Madison is anything like Waterloo, On, we have glorious spring like weather . Mid fifties for a week. Yeah, Great running weather. Clocked in 36.5 k last week, hoping for more this week (at 31 now).....
All the best for your tri. I am thinking of a tri=tri sometime this year. Be good to yourself
Hugs, Sabine

VAgirl said...

Which sportsbook will you be camped out in?? I'll be at the hilton on the night of the 18th. It would be great if we could meet up with you ;)

Leslie said...

Those are some killer shoes! Enjoy your vaca!

DeeAnn said...

Phew! I'm finally caught up. Thanks for posting so often. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Have fun in Vegas!