Sunday, May 2, 2010

April into May

Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end--
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.
Henry Mancini

Sorry people who may actually be reading this. I struggle at times to find things to talk about, struggle with fears of mundaneness, and start to write and run out things to say and ditch the whole idea. I will try to keep a once a week schedule on the blog during the summer. Between the new store, Jacky being in Hawaii, CNBC coming into Madison for some extra added filming, the Kentucky Derby, and volleyball, I am keeping busy but not finding the time to tackle keeping this updated. When I am in Utah it sort of writes itself, but in Madison it I feels like work at times and well you know how I feel about that whole work thing :)

Volleyball is closer to full swing. I love it. I look forward to it all day when I am playing that night. But, hey, I have said all this so many times. My life is different because of volleyball. My life is more fun, I have more friends and I am on the couch so much less. This is the Monday night team. we look fairly happy for having just lost. Losing weight is all good, Losing volleyball is not so good.

I got a call Tuesday from Na Eng, the producer doing my piece on CNBC. They wanted to come to Madison to get more footage and were under some time constraint. Now Jim was planning to spend Friday watching and betting the Kentucky Oaks and Rachel running for the second time. But I acquiesced to the call of the little screen, and I agreed to spend the day with the film crew that was coming in from Jersey and Chicago. Here's what they filmed so get your checklist ready to make sure you see it all. They filmed Jacky and I making and eating breakfast, looking at my old photo albums which they then leafed through and took pictures of, walking the dogs around neighborhood, interviewed Jacky, took shots of me driving my car from the outside, passenger's side, and back seat, filmed me grocery shopping at Copps, and finished with me at Sunshine Daydream waiting on a few customers. Now I am not going to be, say, disappointed if this piece doesn't take home a Pulitzer, but seriously if we don't get at least an Emmy I will be holding Miss Eng personally responsible. Just kidding Na :)

Again the show is scheduled to air on Tuesday May 18th at 10pm eastern time. This was the most surreal moment of the filming yet. Me driving singing a little running on empty with a camera pointed at my face. Somehow I managed to drive, sing, and take this picture.

My brother Jay is arriving this week to help with the store, and by help I mean really really help and it is greatly appreciated. In fact he is going to rent a uhaul and driving 8 showcases up from St Louis. I sent the check in for the Susan Komen 5K. I am having some trouble with the June Triathlon due to the expected water temperatures. They strongly advise a wetsuit. 2 problems I have never worn a wetsuit and I have no idea where to find a wetsuit in my size. Not a whole lot of demand at the big and tall shop for skin clenching rubber suits.

That's all the news, the new store is really going to be my focus for the next two weeks. We want to be open in two weeks. Wish me luck :) I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Peace and Love, Jim

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Sarah K said...

Good luck w/the new store location - we'll DEFINITELY have to visit this summer to check it out!