Sunday, May 30, 2010

My life is just a tapestry

I'm so tired of being tired
Sure as night will follow day
Most things I worry about
Never happen anyway

Tom Petty

I would love to say that the Carole King-James Taylor concert was unforgettable for all the right reasons, but the truth is I will remember it mostly for the ridiculous amount of time it took us to get into the parking lot. The show was scheduled to begin at 8pm. We saw the all-state arena at 7:45 pm and then had to wait an hour and 15 minutes to traverse the last two miles into the parking lot. We missed the first dozen songs and literally put my butt in my seat as Carole was saying we will be right back after this intermission :(

The part of the show I did see was as enjoyable as it could be for a guy steaming about missing so much of it. They were on the stage together at all times. Carole at 68 and James at 62 still seemed to really be enjoying themselves and the crowd was very enthusiastic. Up On The Roof was the highlight of the evening as they traded lines on the Carole written, James sung hit. Hearts and stars filled the arena. It's a great show, so if they make it to your town I do really think you will love it. And make no mistake Carole steals the show, as she should, because Tapestry is simply flawless.

The new store has now been open a little over a week and is doing well. I got in 6 nights of volleyball last week. Have been having a fairly chill memorial day weekend, although I got in some volleyball today. I rode my bike down to the capital this week. I need to find a new way to hold the handle bars because the sorest part of my body was my wrists and two outside fingers.

I'm trying a new way to stay motivated to pick up my exercise. I am in a challenge with 3 other ridgers to see who can earn the most points in the month of June. Here's how you earn points:

Okay Kids heres the challenge. Self reporting. 1 point for every mile you travel on foot, 1 point for every 2.5 miles you travel on bike. 1 point for each hour of organized sport like tennis, volleyball, or basketball. 1 point for every 1/4 mile of lap swimming. 1 point for every 200 sit-ups.

3 losers all send a shirt to the winner. Hoping for 3 new shirts but am in no way the favorite to win this thing. I wont call out the other challengers but they are welcome to reveal themselves if they like.

I know I came off as somewhat mean last week in regards to the article in More magazine. The writer really came across as condescending, told a story that wasn't true, said I made no effort to befriend her, and accused me of not taking any pictures of her. Just for the record here she is, off my camera, in front in the black. There are over 65 people at the ridge each week and it is virtually impossible to meet and befriend everyone. No one excluded her from anything, no one made her feel unwelcome, and only when she looked and talked down to us, after the hike, did we call her out. Should I have implied that she may have come across as a "whore wannabe"? No, but she certainly pissed me off and wrote a crappy article.
Happy June to everyone. Hope it's the start of an awesome summer for all of you. Peace, Jim


Sabine said...

I suggested we all should leave comments on the site where the article is posted. (I suggested that ont the TBL@FR FB site). There were 2 comments there when I checked. Have not gotten arounf to it myself but hopefully will do soon.Us "real" Ridgers need to stick together on this. 3 Weeks today for me. Starting a bootcamp tomorrow witha busted tow. But hey, I am alive and well. No complaints from me. Keep up the good work.

Jdawn said...

You should blow it up and put it on the facebook Fr page with arrows and devil horns and buck teeth and say here is your photo whore! haha SOme people have real plights in life other than nobody likes me! boohoo.
I'm proud of you as are many for your bike you should look into some single curve handlebars.... I have the same prob and eventually your fingers will go numb you can cause some real damage.... Sorry you missed most of your concert....Love JT( james taylor that is)

Betsey said...

Im in this challenge with you and sadly, your kickin my ass! :)

But, I'm about to start bringing my A game!