Saturday, May 22, 2010


It’s time for you to prove,
Within your ruby shoes
You deserve a smile with no regret,
Look at you
Kicking off your shoes,
Dancing for the world to see,
You got the power to believe,
Open up and see,
And I’ll be free and fly away,

Go on, go on, go on, the stars are watching,
Just say, just say, just say, what you’re feeling,
You know, you know, you know, you gotta take a bow and do it your way

Erin McCarley

It has been a pretty surreal week. A picture in the NY Times with a review of the CNBC show that called me articulate and sympathetic, a shot on National TV of me shirtless, man-boobs jiggling, diving into a pool, called "Big Jim" in some Women's magazine called MORE, and the local paper did an article that mentioned our store and was great for business. 6 straight nights of volleyball with 3 doubleheaders for a total of 9 hours in the sand, but only got out and jogging/walking 3 times. And finally the new Sunshine Daydream opened which will keep me extra busy this summer.

Let's start with the actual TV show. Now CNBC/NBC/GE/Comcast had a whole lot of time and money vested in my segment. Crews came to St George 3 times and Madison once. My guess is they spent around 150 man hours just on the actual filming, toss in travel expenses, editing, and production and they spent a heck of a lot of money for what turned out to be five minutes or so of air time. I know they interviewed other guests and the owner of the ridge and none of that made the show :( I don't feel like the piece examined the ridge and what it offered very well. Some stuff they filmed that you didn't see. At the ridge: Pool class, lifting weights, medicine ball sit-ups, swimming laps, eating meals, playing volleyball, other triathletes from the ridge, and graduation. In Madison: making breakfast, Jacky's interview, grocery shopping, state st., and Sunshine Daydream. As far as the rest of the program, I thought they really glossed over the fact that the guy who had the surgery to prolong his life died. I realize that CNBC is a financial station so I understand the bend they took with their theme but it seems like it is awfully tough to quantify a lot of the numbers, costs and per centages that were bandied about. At least the last 5 minutes seemed slightly uplifting :)

The reviews that I read including the one in the NY times really questioned the ethics of CNBC choosing the Biggest Loser Resort to cover given their parent station's ownership of the franchise. I didn't really think I would ever see a picture of myself in the NY Times so that was really cool. I guess being called articulate and sympathetic is a good thing, and even though they took a back handed slap at CNBC about why I was chosen, they did concede it could have been for my personality.

Here's the New York Times review:,%20overweight&st=cse

I have never heard of More magazine but I do remember the writer when she was at the resort. I don't really know why she thinks it's cool to call me "Big Jim". She certainly never did to my face. Nor did I call her anything inappropriate when she told of her previous assignment writing about brothels in Nevada and being "intrigued" by the offer of one of the customers to join in for a price. I would never call someone a "whore wannabe" in print, just wouldn't do it.

Oh well my 15 minutes of pseudo-fame is over and believe me they are done for good. I want to thank all of the people who posted really sweet things on facebook. You know I love all you guys and hoped you enjoyed seeing yourselves and others from the ridge on TV. Nice to see trainers, John, Sharon, Tiffany, and Paige. Also got to hear Robin exhorting us on the treadmills. Hopefully it shined a positive light on the Ridge, not that it really needs it right now with reservations now only being accepted for 2011.

The new store is open and had a decent first weekend. It has been a ton of work and will continue to be so. I am now playing volleyball every night except Saturday. I love it. It's 90 degrees here today and I am a huge fan of summer. I am excited to see Carole King Monday night in Chicago. She having produced the greatest album ever by a female, the incomparable TAPESTRY. And she is playing with Sweet Baby James Taylor so it is going to be a night full of fabulous music. I promise some great pictures as we have seats 7 rows back :) I hope everyone has a great week full of fun, amazing music and perfect weather. Next up for me is the Komen 5K breast cancer run on the fifth. Time to get is some serious training for that. Peace, Jim


Sabine said...

I guess it will be a cold day in hell before you subscribe to MORE
Any chance of pasting a link to the NY Times article? I want to savour your 15 (more like 5) minutes of fame.
It's late , jsut finisehd watchin LOST. Time to say good night.

Wisconsin Terp said...

Here's the New York Times review:,%20overweight&st=cse

ultramichelle said...

You are always a movie star to me and I will tell any rag magazine you moved my furniture. You still inspire me.