Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cardio Intervals? Gimme two of those

Everything she sees, she says she wants.

Everything she wants.

I see she gets

Loudon Wainwright

On to week 3! I'm tired...nothing new, I'm sore...nothing new, and I'm hungry...nothing new. Monday morning on the trail at a little after 7am, about an hour before the rest of the guests due to my workout partners desire to work that morning. We both trudged to the top. Now I want you to think of great sports like golf and bowling that use a handicap system to make the competition between unequal competitors more equal. The way I see it my handicap was starting early and I was the first camper up the mountain. so give that man a blue ribbon. Sorry Sally, but your under one hour time was not good enough for the win. Yes you were narrowing the gap at the end and yes I beat you by about 45 seconds but clearly the record books will only remember that on Sept 14th I was there first. :) That's Cammy in the volleyball picture. This girl can play and she takes an hour or so a couple times a week to hit around with me in the sand. I sweat like I'm going up the mountain, I breathe heavy like I'm going up the mountain, but I smile like that mountain is 100 miles away. Exercise that's fun always a good idea. Thanks Cammy!!

Chef Cameron, giving the food preparation lecture. Now I'm not going to call it a conspiracy yet but the last couple days the total calories have been under or very near 1,000 calories for the day. He swears they average out to 1200 but I don't ever remember seeing a 1400 or 1600 total on the calorie board. I want my additional 200 calories, preferably in the form of a snickers

Tuesday turkey sandwich no surprise there. Reliable and always tasty. The salad matched strawberries with the kitchen's favorite....onions. Couldn't even pick the strawberries out because they tasted like onions, as did the tomatoes on the sandwich. But the ample gobbing of brown mustard helped there.

Speaking of strawberries. Everyone's favorite made their Tuesday night return. Thanks Dana for mugging for the camera. And while most of the men eat their strawberry this way I can assure you that most of the women take much smaller bites and savor that puppy.

Monday is always hard because of the hike. Tuesday is always hard because of the way your body feels from the Monday hike. Throw in 4 or 5 more hours exercise on top of it and you have the makings for some sore and tired campers. Not everyone is happy, and not everyone feels like they made the right choice to spend their "vacation" here, but by the end of the week every camper feels like they have accomplished something they didn't know they could, and every camper is happy inside that they proved this to themselves. Me? I still want those missing 200 calories. Peace, Jim


Tracey said...

Hi, my name is Tracey and I will be going to Fitness Ridge for the first time this November. I am both excited and scared. I ran across your blog while doing some online research and it has been great to read. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Those 200 cal must be in the dessert that you now only get sporadically....I did not know they had stopped Tuesday dessert....That was always the highlight of my week (I did skip many of the other desserts because if I add 20o cals, they had better be really good).
Keep up the good work, we are all proud of you.
BTW, I did reach my original goal weight but have move the "goal-post" downward by another 6 to 8 pounds....

Paige said...

Love reading your posts Jim. Dunno if you noticed but todays calories are above 1300....hold off on that snickers bar.... I appreciate the credit you give to me for effecting the program - but I have to say - any positive changes are simply me listening to the guests and the employees' ideas of how Fitness Ridge could improve. I have always said that I am not great at coming up with good ideas but I am great at making good ideas a reality.
It's good to have you here and when it's all said and done it's nice to know that you are a fan of what we do here.

Kim said...

Hi Jim,
How did you do in Week 2?

Anonymous said...

this is a message for Paige and Jim
Not sure how I can reach Paige otherwise - WHERE ARE THE WEDDING PICS.
And Jim, you need ot post you rlsit of wight lss guesses and your status to keep up the suspense....
Sorry, don't want to sound pushy, but this is the only gambling I have done in years (except for the 2 bucks I put into the slot machine in vegas because my girlfriend made me do it).LOL
can't wait to get an update....
And that goes for you too, Paige!

Anonymous said...

and the last post was from Sabine
Waterlo Ontario - the home of the BB (BlackBerry))
Sorry I never know which buttons I have to push to get my stuff posted.
So was yesterday's post about the 200 cals......

Anonymous said...

Love it Jim...I want my damn snickers too!!! ~Sally.

Sarah Marie said...

Chocolate covered strawberries...yum yum yum. Great work, Jim - love to read your blog!