Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Til Tuesday

If I was 17 I could find it in a dream
A dime a dozen kind of love
I could find it.
I could find it
But I'm not 17 and I lost it in-between
The birthday cakes and fast mistakes
That roll by
If I look to my right, will I see the one I fight for.
Ingrid Michaelson
I have finished day two and the hike of day 3 and have the first break in the schedule so I will spend it typing this. It has been a rough two days and I am sore as can be. Feet,Legs, Hips, Shoulder and fingers all feeling the pain. The afternoon sessions have kicked the little bit of ass left to kick after the morning hike took its toll.

The Sunday dinner is always one of two things. Pasta with meat sauce of pasta primavera. One is excellent the other a God forsaken wretched excess of onions. I got the one I like soy cheese and all.

Quinoa lettuce wraps that most people loved but me not so much. A long way from PF Changs. Breakfast was the english muffin with eggs and turkey bacon. Dinner the purple potatoes and chicken that I have seen most Monday's.

This was a great Tuesday breakfast fruit ,yogurt and granola parfait. Fabulous.

Beet Soup , 10 points for presentation!!, quite a few less for taste unless you like beets and soup, neither of which I am fond of.

The Shepard's Pie... It's a nice effort even though I know how much tofu is in the mashed potatoes... a ton. Not a big chance that the Shepard lost any of the flock when this was made unless he had a flock of say one really small turkey. The base had a lot of things not associated with this dish and don't get me started about the missing peas.

Here is how we make Jimbo a happy man, we have Tuesday night water volleyball. We all know I love sand volleyball but goodness I have jordanesque ups in the pool. Toss in the fact that it was a nice 85 degrees, we had Jack Johnson cranking on the stereo, and we got a decent turn out and we had one really happy camper.

I want to talk a little about the new schedule here as well as the many changes that have taken place since I started. I'll also talk about the Battle of the Bulge competition that is going on with both team and individual competitions. And give a better description of the step class that killed me, the total toning which beat me up and my kickboxing extravaganza today. But I got 7 weeks here and if I do all that I will run out of things to say. So it'll come.
A quick wrap-up of Vegas. Steely Dan was really fun. Nothing but hits and some well known lesser hits. Amazing band, the best back-up singers ever, and Donald Fagan sounding great, Show was a little short as casino shows tend to be but I have come to know that. The Venue was the Palms Pearl theater. Without a doubt the best designed and most comfortable facility I have been into. No bad seats and I sat second row from the top.
I really struggled and felt beat up Monday and Tuesday but I feel a whole lot better today. Have high intensity interval training tomorrow and then have the weigh in for Battle of the Bulge Thursday. The free time I used to have here has disappeared so getting this blog done will be a challenge for sure. I will update my Friday weigh ins each week but not this week because the contest can still be entered thru next Thursday. College Football starts tomorrow. now if I could just get them to install a big screen by the pool volleyball. Peace, Jim

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