Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Down Six to go

I don't believe in anything but myself
But then you opened up a door
You opened up a door
Now I start to believe in something else
But how do I know if I'll make it through?
How do I know? Where's the proof in you?
And so it goes, this soldier knows
The battle with the heart isn't easily won
Ingrid Michaelson
Here's your first week wrap up. First off Congrats to my four legged love Rachel Alexandra who beat older boys yesterday to become the first 3 year old filly to ever win the Woodward Stakes. She had to fight it out down the stretch and was challenged for real but dug in gamely and preserved. She is rewriting the record books and bringing a ton of new fans to the races. She is now the greatest filly to ever look through a bridle (sorry Ruffian).

We had pizza this week. Not really pizza like say would walk through your door dripping cheese and delicious cured meat, but it had crust. I'm sure the Wisconsin dairy industry would be bemused by the lack of cheese, but tasty, and about 400 calories less per slice than what you get on the streets of New York.

Kind hearted Emily, the nutritionist at the Ridge loves to break out her plastic food to shows us serving sizes. I'm sure a few people think about trying rubber cake but it is eye opening and one thing is for sure, a steak at Mortons might be slightly more than one serving, by say 8 or 9 servings.

Here's Paige giving the Anatomy lecture. Paige has completely reworked the program at the Ridge, added a level of accountability that didn't really exist before her, and made the program 100% better. There is no one at the Ridge that will make you want to push yourself harder than Paige. Yet under that tough trainer exterior lies a beguiling sense of humor and some tenderness. I know when she reads this she'll kick my ass even harder, but I would be remiss if I didn't give her the credit for making the Ridge what it is today and having a positive impact on every single camper that walks through that door.

The Battle of the Bulge was held this week. It is a week long weight loss competition for teams and individuals. You weigh in Sunday and weigh out Friday afternoon. You compete against members of your own sex individually and combined in team competitions. My red team regrouped with a win in the triathlon but congratulations to the blue team for winning that stage of the challenge. Also Congratulations to the Kim who picked up the Women's championship by losing 5% of her weight. And a huge shout out to Julie Ann who won last week and then followed that up by notching second place this week. That is ridiculously impressive. Congrats to Mike who on his 4th week was able to notch 15 lbs of weight loss and pick up 2nd place in the men's division.

However, thanks to a few extra walking laps around the pool in 105 degree weather and and lots of sit-ups on the stability ball baking on the pool deck, and a certainly unhealthy decision to bypass most of lunch on friday and water that afternoon I was able to knock out 5.5% of my body weight and pick up the 1st place prize of $500 for spa services and pro shop purchases. Anyone want a Fitness Ridge t-shirt?

Week two starts tomorrow. Think of me hiking up that damn mountain as you enjoy your labor day barbecue :) I'm also signed on for some extra work this week with the GM Eric who has missed me bugging him, but may have not survived his BYU Cougars knocking off Oklahoma this week. And there is a rumor that there are some nightly pick-up sand volleyball games at a park in town. My goodness will that make Jimbo a very happy boy. Between that and tofu birthday cake it's bound to be the best birthday week ever :) Peace, Love, and super fast fillies, Jim


c said...

Jim, well congrats to your Filly. FANTASTIC job at Battle Of The Bulge, now its apparent why the quiet here on the worries, I have been at (flame) Camp Envy (flame) watching Live USTREAMING online (Temple burn is tonight)..all this since we awaited your update. Applause (clap) to your efforts and well deserved prize !! Hey, I pass on the t-shirt and await the week, as I know with this approach, you'll hit my contest weight, ROCK ON HARD BODY!!
<3 Cathy see you on the 27th

Kim said...

Hi Jim, I will be following you and your progress, you are truly an inspiration to WI and to all of us that headed back home. Have a great week 2

Kim (fellow Red team member)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
Congrats again on your success. I just wnat to comment on your remarks about Paige. I know she is one of the very important people that holds this place together. I had the priviledge of being at the Ridge last June when Paige started and did all the routine that us campers had to do. She is just amazing. Except for the fact that she still has NOT posted her wedding pictures.....Be well. Looking forward to your updates

Anonymous said...

Best of luck this week jim. I will miss your smiling face all week. Hope you birthday cake is better than the brownie I got of friday w/ a candle in it. Keep up the good work. Hope you had fun in vegas. Fellow red team member.
Terri said...

Jim, that's so fabulous. Congratulations to you and thanks for inspiring me. I'm loving your updates and although I didn't put a number down for your 'contest' (somebody grabbed the one I had in mind)I'm seeing more clearly that you are gonna whoop 100lbs's Butt by year's end.
Go Jim.