Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 3

Alabama, you got
the weight on your shoulders
That's breaking your back.
Your Cadillac
has got a wheel in the ditch
And a wheel on the track

Neil Young

There is never a question in my mind which day I like least when I am at Fitness Ridge. It is always day 3 of week one. Your body is at max soreness. You have lost the adrenaline that carried you through the first day. And you really start to question what the hell you are doing here again. They call it Weepy Wednesday here. I didn't actually weep mind you, but I sure grunted every time I tried to stand up and I quivered every time I broke a sweat, and I ached with every step I took. But I know in my head that it never gets worse than today.

Breakfast was the Almond butter, Fruit jelly and banana/strawberry sandwich. It's tasty and as always you get a plate of mixed fresh fruit with your breakfast. In the 1200 calories you eat is 2 fruit servings. The second is a piece of fruit that most people take to the hike and eat on the van ride home. Fruit never tastes better than when you eat it after a hike. My hike was "overlook."
It is about as boring as they get. I am happy to report that my group was up to 3 people today but we picked up a guide, so it was 1 person 1 guide. I walked on a paved path next to a highway for two hours. I listened to some music, got my ear talked off by someone who doesn't have the same political leanings as I. I didn't have the energy or desire to debate him so I just put my headphones on and trudged along.
Speaking of hiking guides and not the one I hiked with today. Here is Tom who looks about 50 but is in his 70's make Betsey smile. One of my favorite hiking guides Deb recently completed marathon 200 and since that is not enough she will be doing the St George Ironman in May. That little event that took me 30 days to complete, yeah...she will be doing it in a day.

Lunch was Greek "pizza." As always I'm not sure who should be more offended the Greeks or the pizza's. One really good change that has occurred at the ridge is they have quite a few alternatives now if you don't like a meal. One of which is Tuna on a bagel thin. I opted for that. I didn't take a picture of the dinner but it was a salmon filet on a bed of orzo pasta and mixed vegetables. The people who like salmon really like it, but I do believe I see more alternatives on this night than on any night

Afternoon classes included kick boxing, mountain, and of course pool. Pool was cut a little short as there was storms in the area. It seems the chamber of commerce weather we have had since I arrived is leaving town and it is turning colder, windier and rainier. This weeks group numbers 57 and I am happy to report that almost all of them have been here before. I believe that out of the 57 guests 51 had been here a previous week. Says good things about the program that people keep coming back.

I want to tip my hat to the people of Wisconsin who have turned out in thousands to protest the actions of the newly elected Governor. It saddens me to see the compassion leaving so many states. And like Neil said about Alabama certainly can be applied to many areas. Don't be afraid to smile at your fellow man even if he thinks that "idiot we elected" has cost him $30,000 in his portfolio. Oh for the days when ignorance was bliss instead of today when ignorance is vitriol. On to day 4 and 5 and 6 etc. Peace and love, Jim


Sabine said...

How I would love to hike with you and discuss politics. I am pretty sure you would not put your headphones on...
Deb to me is wonder woman....Deb, Sandy and Marjorie (and hubby Pat) are the rocks of the hiking program.
I have mixed feeling when I see how many people return. Did they fail at home???? I should not be talking since I will go back for the fourth time , but realistically (and luckily) more for the excitement and the company than anyting else...
Are Michelle and/or Cameron ever around? I did not see either one of them last summer.
Do you know anything of the expansion plans? I am worried about the place getting any bigger.
I so LOVED it when we were only 30 plus people. On the other hand they are still making the best of it...
I am so excited to go back with my group of reuion friends. All I need now is a cheap flight.

Mrs. Mom said...

Ahh Tom, I still remember like it was yesterday. You were walking alongside me on that last dreaded 1.5 steep miles my first trip up stop sign.

Me: Extremely heavy panting as I force my feet to continue to put one in front of the other.

Tom: "Yada yada yada..."

Me: "Don't *PANTING* Mind *PANTING* Me *PANTING*!!"

Tom is a machine!! Loved him! Along with every other guide there!

You go Jim, you're freaking awesome!