Friday, February 18, 2011

Swing like a pendulum
Rules you know I'm bending 'em
All the cool kids on the back of the bus
High like Mt. Everest looking for some leverage
Floating like some vapors coolin like a beverage
I cherish the moment when I get the lucky chance
To sing my song and let the funky people dance

G. Love
Thursday started slightly different for me as I climbed to the back of the bus for the morning hike. I finally abandoned my hiking group which was scheduled to be 2 people on Thursday and hopped the van with the group going to do stop sign. I am confident I have never climbed to the last row of the van before and it was just another of those stupid little ridge victories that make us smile. Not something anyone normal really thinks of but to me I consider it an advancement :)
The weather which has been perfect all week was slated to turn on Thursday with forecasts of wind and rain. Someone forgot to include mother nature in their weather plans. We got plenty of wind Wednesday night but by Thursday morning it was sunny and calm and fairly warm. I headed to the dunes. I have done the hills in the dunes quite a few times in the past. Today was the deepest I have ever seen the sand. I was taking two steps forward one step back up every hill. I was wondering what would happen if this stuff just flowed on down the hill with me. But thankfully it hung in there and I hung in there.
The sky was literally as blue as I have ever seen it. I got back in time for Gretchen's 11:15 pool class for which she borrowed my ipod. It's hard to make Jimmy happier than when he gets sunny skies, time in a pool, and great music. That's my dream combo, and that dream was a reality Thursday. Apparently I totally forgot to take any food pictures but I will tell you it was bacon egg muffins for breakfast, greek pitas for lunch, and stuffed chicken breast for dinner. I'm sure if you look back you'll find some pictures. The Thursday afternoon schedule has been the same since the day I arrived treading, ball werks, and pool.
I am ready for the weekend. My body began recovering from it's early week soreness. 2nd week is almost always my favorite week of each visit. Some new campers, some old friends and some challenges. Should be fun. Have a great weekend. Peace and Love, Jim

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Susan price said...

Ok, but the beginning of "Touch of Grey" does sound like ah hah- ya gotta admit! Have a great second week!