Saturday, April 12, 2008

Madison is still freezing

We ask of the days too much
expect of each other nothing but, revelation
one day, none of that will matter any way
Maybe all things in time diminish
let me just have this sense of wonder at the finish

Meg Hutchinson

Just thought I would give a little wrap-up of my first week away from the ridge. First it is very hard to believe spring is ever coming to Madison because it is the 12th of April and it is snowing. The temps are around 32 so if it's not snowing you get some freezing rain, sleet, rain with lots of wind. Ugh!!!

I signed up at Weight Watchers on wednesday night. Of course the lady who checked me in remembered me from previous attempts, and of course she was very impressed by my.....TAN. Anyway, much like the ridge, weight watchers is 90% women and the diversity of sizes is similar some people are really fit, others have plenty of work to do. I am really starting to spend a lot of time with women in my fitness struggles and let me just get this over with now. I apologize for whichever member of my gender made an idiot of himself. That's pretty much what we guys do.

I spent a fabulous friday night pursuing my goal of seeing as much live music as possible. High Noon Saloon hosted two wonderful Boston female singer-songwriters Meg Hutchinson and Kris Delmhorst The pictures above are from the show. Meg opened the show and is the cutie in the picture with me. Very talented songwriter and came back to sing with Kris during her set and enjoyed a shot and beer as well. Kris has been compared to Norah Jones and she has a big, big voice and had tons of fans in the saloon. To be honest I had never heard of either of the singers before the show, but female acoustic is right in my wheelhouse and it was pleasant start to finish. And special thanks to Meg for posing for the picture me.

I can not stress this enough GO SEE SOME LIVE MUSIC!!! But if you do, do not be like the people behind me. People who talk while the musicians are playing drive me insane. These people are working hard to entertain and it is rude to them and to your neighbors who are trying to enjoy the show. I do not give a damn about your mixed doubles tennis schedule. Take that talk outside or atleast away from the stage. Sorry about the rant. Volleyball starts Monday. Time to defend that fall championship. Looking forward to being quicker in the sand. Worked out every morning this week. Treading, Circuit, long cardio on the treadmill. Feel good just need some warm weather. Have a great week. Peace, Jim


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
I'm so glad you are sticking with the program. I will be leaving FRS on the 19th, I can't wait. I am so proud of you. I also need your support. I love our picture at the stop sign, but i hate that stop sign. I have been hiking alot during my third week. We need to talk about our plans to get these pounds off. I don't have your cell number. Susan and i are having a great time together, she is a really nice woman. Please keep in touch.

Your Friend
Always Al

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

It was great meeting you at FRS. Be proud of your accomplishments, you're inspirational to us all.

Take care always.
warm regards,

Randy - St. Paul, MN