Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Dogs

"Well, I been pickin' it up around me
Daisy, I think I'm sane
Well, I'm awful glad
And I guess you're really to blame, blame"


This is Maggie, She is a little bit of a freak and has an unnatural fear of roofers and pretty much anything above her head. She will not eat your cat.

This is Daisy Jane who was named after the song by America. She likes to bark at UPS trucks, school buses and especially loves barking at farm vehicles. She will eat your cat and has proven this twice now.

The girls have actually gotten pretty friendly. But they both share a strong love for sleep. Greyhounds are not skittish or high strung, they are more like walking teddy bears. They chill about 23 hours a day and have very sweet dispositions.

Daisy Jane wearing her slave clothes. She was actually a decent racer, and eventhough 6 years her senior she can still outrun Maggie. Her stride is fluid and she can still really move.


Jenny said...

Great dogs Jim!! I bet they like to do long 4 mile hikes with you up hills, over rocks and at the fastest speed you can muster!! Glad you are still blogging and keeping us up to date on everything. Just wanted to say for the record that the reason your fitness partener missed two days last week was because she had a sick baby at home and could not get in for our hour workout, will not be missing a beat here at SwimWest as we work out to your great music!! Love the new workouts and your motivational food stories. Today I learned that a personal pan pizza from Unos is around 2700 calories! UGH. Makes you want to stay in and make your own salads at home. Anyway, it is great to have you back, even more wonderful to have you working out so hard in the fitness room and taking the time once a week to visit your friends at weight watchers. I agree, when you write it down, you then own up to all those calories you scarfed down while you were making the healthy meal. Does a half a bag of chips really count if you are making a salad for dinner and are starved? see you in the workout room tomorrow!! KK

BobbyC said...

she's little and she's brown and she can run really really fast!