Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello, It's not me!

"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key"
The Eagles
As I picked out today's music quote it occurred to me that maybe I had used this exact quote before. I'm certainly way too lazy to read through my previous 70 or so posts to find out if I have used it. So I figured I would make this offer to my loyal reader (s). If I ever duplicate a song lyric, and I will no doubt do it one day, the first person who posts a comment saying I repeated the lyric gets a free Sunshine Daydream t-shirt.

Speaking of music I saw two concerts this week that really epitomized most everything that is
both great and bad with live shows today. The first show was rock legend Todd Rundgren. He played in a 1,000 seat venue, $26 ticket price, maybe 350 fans. He had a full band, no opening act, and played 19 songs. Of the 19 songs 12 were his entire new cd called arena. 2 were covers of other artists songs and of the 7 remaining tunes one was a mainstream hit. He chided the audience for requesting songs and told them they would need anger management classes when he was done. These are his fans and he is talking down to them. His signature hit "Hello, it's me" was nowhere to be found and it seemed he took pleasure in denying his audience what they wanted. Shame on you Todd Rundgren. Easily one of the most disappointing shows of the year.

The next night I got to see young singer songwriter Matt Wertz. He played to a crowd of maybe 200 in a venue built for about that number. Ticket prices were $16 and he had an opening act, and a full supporting band. I was easily the oldest person at the show as at least 80% of the audience looked to be UW students. Matt Wertz had a lot of fun, completely engaged his audience, talked about Madison, let his audience choose songs, and played snippets of Bob Marley, Cheap Trick, Colbie Collait, Taylor Swift, and Michael Jackson. He was genuinely excited to be performing and regenerated the faith in live music I had lost the night before. Go buy his new cd Under Summer Sun or bug me and I'll burn a copy if you promise to buy one of his other cds when you realize how good it is.

Some other tidbits from this week. I went back to Weight Watchers this week and it seems that somewhere between Ivins, Utah and Madison, WI. I swallowed a cinder block. I get to spend the next couple weeks getting rid of the last week. Oh well, I didn't expect the number on the scale to be the same number I left in Utah but I'll get it back. I played indoor volleyball for 2.5 hours Wednesday afternoon. It is a different game than the sand version. You move so much quicker and jump much easier. I think it had been over a decade since I had last played indoors and that part about jumping, well it was a new thing landing on the hard ground and my knees reminded me of that for the next two days. Undefeated Penn St, and their legion of crazy Pennsylvania people and one really old coach come to Madison this weekend and I am tailgating most of Saturday for only my second tailgate in my time in Madison. Should be fun and the temperature is expected to be in the mid-70's. Perfect fall day. And I hope it's perfect wherever you are. Peace, Jim


Kristin said...

I love a challenge! Boy o boy, your challenge of a free t-shirt really had me going! (You caught me on a day when I had some down time. Really, I do have a life!) I thought. "Oh, how hard could it be?" I'd just glance back through your old postings and see what I could find.
Well, you have never directly quoted the Eagles before. On February 13, you have a song from Jackson Browne and the Eagles. In fact, Jackson is your most popular artist with 6. Followed up by Jack Johnson with 4. In all, I believe you quote 47 different artists.
When I was reviewing the Jackson songs, I had no idea if they were from the same song or not.
SO, up to this point, you are free and clear of any direct repeats.

Wisconsin Terp said...

Wow!! Thanks for the research. email me your address and I'll send you a tshirt anyway :)

Cindy said...

Hey Jim, thanks for the music recommendations, I have an old and tired itunes library. Im always on the hunt for new tunes.
Just thought you might be interested to know that winter hit St George this weekend. UGH!!!! There is snow on Pine MOuntain!!! We didnt even have an autumn!! Whats up with that!?!?

Anonymous said...

I muat admit, Kristin must be your biggest far.
One more reason to rebook FR to be sure to be thre for the week of Apil 5th.
We are attempting some kind of a reunion of the crowd that weas there in June. And Kristin is one of them. I think we are uo to 7 or 8 people now.
Thanks for your blogs.

Wisconsin Terp said...

Heres my promise to you guys. I am planning to do the two weeks prior to your reunion but I will stick around through monday the 6th of April so I can meet all of you guys and maybe do one last stop sign hike. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, It's me!, love to see where you've been and where you're heading. You'll lose that brick in no time, stay the course and lean on friends. Doctor's orders

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,
Just checking your blog. I am really exited that we'll get a chance to meet.(Not only me but Kristin and a bunch of others that are following your blogs). While I would rather spend at least a week in your company to get to know the guy behind the blog, the next best thing got to be a "stop sing" hike.
Thanks for all your blogs and support. Sabine