Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meet me in St Louis, Looie

"Leave unsaid unspoken

Eyes wide shut unopened

You and me

Always be

You and me

Always between the lines"

Sara Bareilles

I know it's been a while and I apologize but again fall on my common excuse that my life just isn't that exciting and I sometimes find that I have trouble mustering up words that I think you will find entertaining. Anyways we finished our fall outdoor volleyball season on Monday night with a 2-1 victory played in snow flurries and temps in the mid 20's. Not exactly what I would call ideal conditions for outdoor play but I refuse to complain cause it was still fun and I can still sweat in the cold. I did wear my first ever under armour type shirt and even though the owner was a school friend I don't get the hype.

Jacky and I traveled down to St Louis on Tuesday to pick up a bunch of sweatshirts and t-shirts from my brother Jay. Well that was one reason but the real reason we made the 12 hour round trip drive was to see Marc Broussard and Sara Bareilles in concert at The Pageant. Which is a wonderful venue just down the street from the first Sunshine Daydream in St Louis. It was a great show and as anyone who has read this blog knows I am a monster Sara fan. She did not disappoint at all. She was funny, respectful and thankful of her crowd, showed her keen sense of music awareness by covering the fabulous Counting Crows' tune Sullivan Street , and really made sure that everyone was having a good time. I know I gush about her, and believe me Jacky teased me a ton about how glowing I am, but Sara truly gets what being a popular musician should be about. It was such a highlight when she brought up both of her openers for a rousing version of Stevie Wonder's Living for the City.

Marc Broussard, who was fortunate enough to get his picture taken with Jacky, was the second opener and he is so talented and an amazing singer songwriter. I've praised him recently but really enjoyed seeing him live for the first time. Even got to tease him about his beloved LSU Tigers getting slammed by Georgia the previous Saturday.

I knew you guys would have been greatly disappointed if I had not made the effort to score some pictures with the star attraction. She was really gracious and went out of her way to sign cds and pose with her fans. Just can not say enough good things about her.

Your standard self shot facebook photo holding the camera myself. Also happy to get a photo with an artist that didn't look petrified that I was standing next to them (Mike Millls of REM and JT)

This is my first attempt at video so we' shall see how it goes . It is a short snippet of Sara playing her song City in St Louis shot on my camera.

So this weekend is Halloween everywhere but it is a major event in Madison named "Freakfest". It is a big weekend for the store and seems to have settled down a bit in that the riot police on horseback have not been needed the last couple years and the looting and glass breaking seems to have stopped. We can only cross our fingers like we do most years. I expect to see a whole lot of Sarah Palins walking the streets along with a bevy of naughty schoolgirls, nurses, librarians, angels, cats and rabbits. The weather is going to be magnificent which is far from the norm for Madison the last weekend in October. Plus the partiers get an extra hour on Saturday as the clocks go back.

I waited for the fitness update until the end. Short term I am still having some issues. I am working out hard, I'm smart I know what I have to do, and I need to travel less and cook at home more. Long term I'm in a good spot. I got a new driver's license today and I look better than 2003, even I can see that. It must be the tan :) Seriously I'm happy, I look forward to continuing, working hard, having fun and being a better person inside and out. Peace and VOTE!!! Jim

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Dick Paul said...

What's up roomie? Will just miss you in STL. I'm heading there tomorrow.