Saturday, October 18, 2008

October Road

"There's a slight conversation

Filled with hidden revelations in your eyes

Baby I'm so into you

Every whisper from your soul to my heart

Baby I know its true

You're a sweet little mystery sent to me from the stars

And that's the beauty of who you are"

Marc Broussard

I need to start today by giving a huge shout out to three long time Fitness Ridgers who wrapped up very, very successful stays in Utah. My friends Ronnie, Adriana, and Giselle ( all pictured here after conquering a tough hike) all stayed at the Ridge for a minimum of seven weeks and each worked their asses off both figuratively and literally. Congrats to the three of you for losing a combined total of 114lbs during your stays. Have fun in Youngstown, Puerto Rico and San Fran. and keep up the good work and don't forget to schedule a little "check up" next March at both the Ridge and Utah.

Sorry bout the sappy nature of the my previous post. All's good and I have settled in to a good spot in Madison with my workout partners, the support of both my new and long time friends, and lots of volleyball. Now if someone can call Al Gore and have him schedule some global warning for the upper midwest this winter I'll be a happy camper. Remember there are only 66 shopping days until Christmas and its never too early to start thinking about those people on your list. I am sure most all of those people would love a tie-dye, tapestry, or a hacky-sack and I know where you can find all of those things at a reasonable price.

How bout those football scores from this week. BYU (sorry Eric, Cam, Emily, John, and most everyone else at the Ridge) went on the road played a real team and got completely exposed as not-BCS worthy. Holy Disaster at TCU. Maybe the Las Vegas bowl vs UCLA again. Still time to jump on the Utah Utes bandwagon. And the always mystifying Terps won their fifth straight game and third game this year vs. a top 25 team. Now if they can stop losing to miserable teams maybe they will have found something. Speaking of college sports. The third Friday of October brings the start of college basketball season and of course time for all of us to start hating Duke again.

Some new music as well this week. Today's quote is from bluesy singer-songwriter Marc Broussard. How have I missed listening to this guys music? If Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Carole King had a love child his name would be Marc Broussard. Go buy his cd Carencro and thank me later. How bout this double feature Sara Bareilles and Marc Broussard in St Louis on October 28th. Good thing I'll be in gateway city on "business" that day.

This week is Breeder's Cup week which I know means nothing to most of you but to horse racing fans like myself it's like a two day Super Bowl. Look for me to spend two days at Prarie Meadows racetrack in Altoona, Iowa betting the simulcasts of the races from Santa Anita. To say I am completely unprepared for this year's running would be an understatement. Hopefully that's good news because all the time I spent preparing the last couple years has proven fruitless. I am expecting big days from the European imports of which there will be many. Hope all is well in your neighborhood. Peace, Love and Happiness, Jim

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