Saturday, October 4, 2008


"There are mountains and hillsides enough to climb

There are oceans and rivers enough to cross,

Enough to last till the end of time.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love

It's the only thing that there's just too little of

What the world needs now is love, sweet love,

No, not just for some but for everyone"

Burt Bacharach

So it's a fall saturday in Madison and of course that means football. The Ohio St Buckeyes are in town for a night time game and the city braces for the onslaught of drunken badger fans. Also in town this weekend is the Midwest Harvest fest which is a 3 day rally for legalization of Marijuana. We also wrap up the World Dairy Expo which brings a ton of people into town to celebrate cheese, milk and cows. Now we'll get some people in the store from the first and third groups, but that middle group is right in our wheel house and should make it a busy weekend at Sunshine Daydream.

I really had a pretty strong case of the Fitness Ridge post-partum blues this week. I felt like I was deserting the friends I left behind, especially Adriana who has three weeks left and arrived the same day as me. I also miss the staff, miss the feeling of being part of a "team" struggling together, and miss the structure of the program. But that's part of life and you can't live at the Ridge forever unless you marry into the owners family and that's not going to work for me. I am hoping to stop feeling sorry for myself, and get a lot more serious this week. I have workouts scheduled next week with my workout partner Karen. The weather should be slightly more friendly( it was cold here this week), the Brewers should be eliminated so I wont have to hang out in bars to be with my friends, and I'm ready to win my bet with my friend Alex ( first to lose 20lbs but I have to lose 25 as a handicap).

I have a pretty fun week ahead, and the busier I am the less likely I am to sit around and eat out of boredom. Volleyball game monday, Todd Rundgren concert tuesday, Matt Wertz concert wednesday and big tailgate next Saturday for the PSU-Wisconsin game.

I was happy to hear that there were a few changes being implemented at the Ridge. Even though no matter how hard I begged I couldn't get them implemented before I left, I feel like I left a few gifts for my future camp mates. They have started grilling on friday afternoons and at first it was going to be boca burgers but after a petulant temper tantrum about the merits of boca I was told that yesterday was ground turkey burgers. I know that Paige has added some tennis rackets, and basketballs to the fitness equipment at the Ridge. I got some basketball in when I was in Utah. Unfortunately I left behind enough bricks for a new dorm. And finally my Ridge sources say a pool volleyball net is on the way. And let me just say it well take a team to yank me out of the pool if that is indeed the case.

One last word about today's music quote. It takes a very special person to identify the "hitmaker" as Burt Bacharach. There was no one that supplied more singers with hit songs in the 60's and 70's. He's gone on to own and race champion race horses and recently has taken the reigns in trying to get states to allow jockeys to race at a more humane weight. He is one of the good people and still gets out with his orchestra and entertains. Love, sweet, love Jim


Sabine said...

I love your blog. I really hope I'll be privileged to meeting you on day.
And now I sound like Sarah Palin. My apologies....
As lazy as I was today, you gave me hope to get my "you know what" out of bed in the morning for my 7.30 am run "date"
Take care

Anonymous said...

You continue to inspire me as well as many others. You are on a great journey, stay the course Doctor's orders